″ I believe this technology will be the future of hardware

Alex Ruhl, founder and director of VR at virtual reality studio Cats are not Peas. © Jose Carmo / Global Images May 28, 2022 • 06:57 The founder of virtual reality studio CATS PEAS, Alex Rolle, is a pioneer in immersive storytelling and her work has won numerous international awards. The English language specialist was … Read more

Meta announces 3D avatars in Brazil and investments in early stage startups – Época Negócios

+ Latin America Regional Vice President Maureen Lau made her video debut, in her avatar (Image: clone) The Goal Today announced a series of developments to build and expand metaverse at Latin america. During MetaSummit, an online event for four company executives (via video), it was announced that 3D avatars will be launched in Brazil, … Read more