When Santa leaves, elves, witches and trolls arrive

The 13 Yule Lads of Icelandic folklore are rambunctious, hilarious, and also horrifying as an annual must-visit in this northern European island nation. Elves, born centuries ago in the popular imagination, leave gifts for children, but also spread terror. these kids trollsComing from the mountains, they share few physical and personal affinities with the lovable … Read more

These bats mimic wasps to avoid predators

The tradition is widespread in the animal kingdom. Some caterpillars can mimic poisonous snakes. The young Amazonian gray sweeper turns into poisonous larvae. Flower flies have evolved to look like dangerous, unpalatable wasps. All of these examples point to Batesian mimicry, an evolutionary trick that leads a relatively harmless animal to copy more dangerous species … Read more

The evolution of Christmas over the centuries

One of the cultural symbols brought to the United States by immigrants became an outstanding American celebrity – Santa Claus. How Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus One of the most famous figures in modern Christmas is Santa Claus, the white-bearded patriarch who travels in a reindeer-led sleigh to deliver gifts to well-behaved children around the … Read more