SUIPA celebrates 79 years of existence and resistance

Written by Diana Pace When you reach the door Union Association for the Protection of Animals (SUIPA) Barking could already be heard. Palmerina aims to welcome visitors with enthusiasm, and the little dog is a great example of the importance of the entity in the fight for animals. The dog was to be abandoned at … Read more

The tallest dog in the world is more than 2 meters long – and loves to be held | Guinness

Brittany Davis longed for a big dog and her heart was in one of the biggest and the smallest of them all: Great Dane. The wish came true in February 2020, although it didn’t happen as well as I thought. His brother, Garrett Davis, knocked on his door and handed him a Great Dane American … Read more

These bats mimic wasps to avoid predators

The tradition is widespread in the animal kingdom. Some caterpillars can mimic poisonous snakes. The young Amazonian gray sweeper turns into poisonous larvae. Flower flies have evolved to look like dangerous, unpalatable wasps. All of these examples point to Batesian mimicry, an evolutionary trick that leads a relatively harmless animal to copy more dangerous species … Read more

9 films with wild animals among the main characters – Vida de Picchu

+ The Lion King, a classic Disney cartoon, recently won a live action (Image: Disney Pictures/Reproduction) Wild animals have been portrayed in movies as main characters for decades. Whether using computer-generated imagery (CGI) or, in retrospect, real footage, it has a guaranteed presence in the hearts of families of all ages. So grab your popcorn … Read more

The 16,000-kilometer “sausage” saga to see the owners again

Trips, number of caregivers and all the tricks Point Passed back to their owners is proof that those who love their dogs never give up having them by their side. Nor can they bend at the feet of those who take care of them again. Even if they had to travel thousands and thousands of … Read more

‘Influencers’ start cloning dogs – so the content (and the love) never ends | the animals

willow An impressive hybrid between a dog and a wolf, thousands of people have been watching them grow since they were a farm. Courtney Udvar-Hazy posted all the moments they spent together, until 2018, the dog got hit by a car and died. But the posts on Instagram did not stop. The American photographer and … Read more

Dogs and cats infected with Covid-19 virus from their owners | COVID-19

A new scientific study by the national author makes new contributions regarding animal infection by covid-19. Dogs and cats can become infected, especially through human contact, and pets should therefore be considered as potential carriers of the viral load. While cats are most susceptible to contracting the virus, as they are more likely to catch … Read more

Study Says Race Has Little Effect on Dogs’ Personality – 04/29/2022 – Science

The idea that dog breeds are an important component in determining a pet’s “personality” has been a hit thanks to genomics. The largest study ever conducted attempting to link dogs’ temperament to their DNA revealed that only 9% of the behavioral difference between dogs can be attributed to the breed they belong to. This means … Read more

Benefits of a balanced diet for your pet – Vida de Bicho

+ When a pet does not receive enough food, the skin is usually the first organ to show deficiency changes (Photo: pexels/rarnie-mccudden/CreativeCommons There is a growing group of owners who are choosing to provide unprocessed food, otherwise known as natural or homemade food. “For those who choose this type of food for their fur, we … Read more

Pets also need clean, healthy teeth.

Published on 08/02/2021 12:30 / Updated on 08/02/2021 12:31 (credit: personal archive) Pets are susceptible to various diseases just like humans. With regard to oral health, the “animals like us” hypothesis also applies. Harmful bacteria can visit the mouths of dogs and cats, so hygiene must be taken care of regularly to ensure the health … Read more