Majer’s son dreams of being a better player than his father in the sand

The The task is very difficult, but Bernardo Saraiva, the son of former world player of the year Mager, does not hide that he dreams of being a better beach soccer player than his father two decades ago. “I am aware of the reference he was and still plays in the sport, and all that … Read more

Taiwanese tech giants adopt world’s first NVIDIA Grace CPU technology system designs | SEGS

New suite of data center systems for digital twins, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cloud graphics, and gaming come from ASUS, Foxconn Industrial Internet, GIGABYTE, QCT, Supermicro and Wiwynn NVIDIA has announced that leading computer manufacturers in Taiwan will release the first wave of systems powered by the NVIDIA Grace™ CPU Superchip and Grace Hopper Superchip … Read more

Devialet: a luxury for a few ears | Analytics

The power and sound quality of modern televisions is able to satisfy most consumers, however, in recent years auxiliary speakers have become a regular presence on the windows and a must-have product to bring the sound experience in the living room closer to the cinema experience.. Imacustica invited PÚBLICO to discover the first loudspeakers by … Read more

“He should have killed me instead of doing what he did.”

a The father of Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old who murdered 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Ovaldi, Texas, said Thursday he never thought his son would do something like this, asking forgiveness for their actions. . “I just want you to know that I regret what my son did,” Salvador Ramos, … Read more

Follow transfer market rumors and deals

“Rumors of Mane at Bayern? I’m no less worried” Thiago Antunes | 2 minutes ago In preparation for the Champions League final, Jurgen Klopp was not interested in Sadio Mane’s possible departure to Bayern Munich. The Liverpool striker will end his contract in the summer of 2023. READ MORE over here. Darwin can stay in … Read more

Check the immunization schedule prepared for Friday (27)

Photo: Angelo Pontes/Fieb System The state of Salvador, through the Municipal Health Administration (SMS) is following up on the application of the vaccine against Covid-19 on Friday (27). The immunization will also implement the “Liberou Geral” strategy of applying the first dose to people aged 12 years or over, as well as the second and … Read more

The paradox of the technology market in Brazil

Published on 05/27/2022 06:00 (Credit: Information and Technological Communications: Brakes on studies and bids to implement 5G technology in the country and applied nanotechnology studies. (Source: Conexis Brasil Digital)) Vitor Cavalcanti – Director General of the Institute of Information Technology At least in the past eight years, I’ve heard, emphatically, that there is a shortage … Read more