He lost his finger and opened his eyes and at the age of seventeen he became a swimming phenomenon

“More and Up” is a division of Maisfutebol that researches athletes and other modalities beyond football. Stories of effort, overcoming, successes and difficulties. Suddenly, the dream turned into a nightmare. Diogo Ribeiro didn’t even have time to savor the silver he won in the 100m butterfly in the European Juniors. Three days later, at the … Read more

More than 56,000 children left without the father’s name on martyrdom in the country – News

In the first four months of this year alone, 56,931 children without their father’s name were registered in Brazil, according to data collected by civil registry offices. The numbers reinforce the need for many mothers to raise their children on their own due to the absence of fathers. Behind the data is a series of … Read more

The tallest dog in the world is more than 2 meters long – and loves to be held | Guinness

Brittany Davis longed for a big dog and her heart was in one of the biggest and the smallest of them all: Great Dane. The wish came true in February 2020, although it didn’t happen as well as I thought. His brother, Garrett Davis, knocked on his door and handed him a Great Dane American … Read more