Majer’s son dreams of being a better player than his father in the sand

The The task is very difficult, but Bernardo Saraiva, the son of former world player of the year Mager, does not hide that he dreams of being a better beach soccer player than his father two decades ago. “I am aware of the reference he was and still plays in the sport, and all that … Read more

5G introduces the digital world into prehistoric times – 05/27/2022

Smart cities and factories, more devices connected in one network, self-driving cars, more productivity in the field and in industries. Everything, surely everything we know today will be greatly influenced by this new technology. 5G is present and will be disabled. Just to list some of these reasons: It allows you to connect more devices … Read more

Vitor Pereira sees Corinthians decline and asks for coolness against Boca – 05/27/2022

Vitor Pereira admitted on Friday that football in Corinthians in the last rounds had been missing out. Despite a series of eight matches that did not witness defeats, there were four consecutive draws, the last of which was an embarrassment against Always Reddy (1-1), for the Libertadores Cup, Thursday. The Portuguese coach admitted the team’s … Read more

“He should have killed me instead of doing what he did.”

a The father of Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old who murdered 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Ovaldi, Texas, said Thursday he never thought his son would do something like this, asking forgiveness for their actions. . “I just want you to know that I regret what my son did,” Salvador Ramos, … Read more

Follow transfer market rumors and deals

“Rumors of Mane at Bayern? I’m no less worried” Thiago Antunes | 2 minutes ago In preparation for the Champions League final, Jurgen Klopp was not interested in Sadio Mane’s possible departure to Bayern Munich. The Liverpool striker will end his contract in the summer of 2023. READ MORE over here. Darwin can stay in … Read more

Check the immunization schedule prepared for Friday (27)

Photo: Angelo Pontes/Fieb System The state of Salvador, through the Municipal Health Administration (SMS) is following up on the application of the vaccine against Covid-19 on Friday (27). The immunization will also implement the “Liberou Geral” strategy of applying the first dose to people aged 12 years or over, as well as the second and … Read more

The impending defeat in the elections made Bolsonaro attack the electoral system

Electronic voting machines were introduced to the public in 1996 and fully adopted in the country four years later, electronic voting machines have been continuously tested for the past 22 years without any evidence of fraud. On the contrary, this voting machine buried a history of fraud known in the news by the most senior … Read more

Facial Biometrics: Myths and Facts About Technology – 05/26/2022

* Written by Wagner Martin // Today, the face has become a widely used method of authentication. Most smartphones, for example, are already using Facial Biometrics By the front camera to release access to the device in the same way as with the password. To enter commercial premises, photographs are always recorded, as are government … Read more

Salvador Tech Opens New Vacancies for Technology Recruitment & Training –

Photo: Semdec/PMS The Salvador Technology Program has new vacancies for recruitment and training in the technology sector. Developed by the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Employment and Income (Semdec), with the proposal for digital inclusion in the capital of Bahia, in addition to employment opportunities, users also have free access to more than 120 qualification … Read more

Luis Campos sees the quality in Conceicao and Amorim going up in football

“The Sérgio Conceição is already in a great club, with a great history in world football. I don’t know his claims, but he’s a coach he admires a lot and who, along with his team, has an exceptional quality. I know he still has two years left on his contract with FC Porto and I … Read more