The tallest dog in the world is more than 2 meters long – and loves to be held | Guinness

Brittany Davis longed for a big dog and her heart was in one of the biggest and the smallest of them all: Great Dane. The wish came true in February 2020, although it didn’t happen as well as I thought. His brother, Garrett Davis, knocked on his door and handed him a Great Dane American … Read more

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‘Influencers’ start cloning dogs – so the content (and the love) never ends | the animals

willow An impressive hybrid between a dog and a wolf, thousands of people have been watching them grow since they were a farm. Courtney Udvar-Hazy posted all the moments they spent together, until 2018, the dog got hit by a car and died. But the posts on Instagram did not stop. The American photographer and … Read more

From sanitary napkins to pet food: Five (less obvious) ways to help Ukraine | The war in Ukraine

In humanitarian crises, all methods of assistance count. As for donations, food, clothing, and groups First aid is always necessary. However, there are other types of goods not available which are not always considered a priority. Some remember. pet products War is forcing thousands to leave everything behind and attention is quickly turning to those … Read more

What do dogs want? Matt was mentioned in a book with everything to be “good companions” | Interview

Matt Ward is one of the UK’s most respected animal behavior experts. In 2021, he condenses 25 years of career into his first book, The what he does dog, which now arrives in Portugal from the liberation of Lua de Papel. In it, the Scotsman, a staunch proponent of reward-based training, offers advice centered around … Read more

Study says dogs that eat a plant-based diet have fewer health problems | dog

Diets vegetarian They can be beneficial – and much healthier than traditional ones – for dogs. The conclusion is from a study at the University of Winchester, UK, led by Andrew Knight, who questioned the owners of 2,536 dogs, to understand the link between the animals’ diet and their health. For more than a year, … Read more

Norway bans breeding of snub-nosed dogs | a pet

The Oslo District Court has declared the breeding of flat-headed dogs – or flat-nosed dogs – a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. to me MailOnlineThe Norwegian court deemed the practice cruel, claiming that human actions lead to health problems in the animals. The January 31 decision makes the ban on two breeds of British … Read more

Animals are being abandoned in Hong Kong due to Covid-19 restrictions | a pet

At an animal rescue center in Hong Kong, Eva Set gets on her knees and calls out to the shelter’s newest residents, “friendly and cheerful.” Cassius and “shy” RoxyTwo dogs left by immigrant owners. The past few weeks have been chaotic for Set and his colleagues, with government figures showing more than 100,000 people have … Read more