The tallest dog in the world is more than 2 meters long – and loves to be held | Guinness

Brittany Davis longed for a big dog and her heart was in one of the biggest and the smallest of them all: Great Dane. The wish came true in February 2020, although it didn’t happen as well as I thought. His brother, Garrett Davis, knocked on his door and handed him a Great Dane American … Read more

Dogs and cats infected with Covid-19 virus from their owners | COVID-19

A new scientific study by the national author makes new contributions regarding animal infection by covid-19. Dogs and cats can become infected, especially through human contact, and pets should therefore be considered as potential carriers of the viral load. While cats are most susceptible to contracting the virus, as they are more likely to catch … Read more

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter to ‘transform’ the social network | Technique

Less than two weeks after becoming the main shareholder of Twitter, millionaire Elon Musk made an offer to buy the remaining shares of the social network. According to the report sent by the company to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which oversees the financial market in North America, the value of the offer is … Read more