″ I believe this technology will be the future of hardware

Alex Ruhl, founder and director of VR at virtual reality studio Cats are not Peas. © Jose Carmo / Global Images May 28, 2022 • 06:57 The founder of virtual reality studio CATS PEAS, Alex Rolle, is a pioneer in immersive storytelling and her work has won numerous international awards. The English language specialist was … Read more

Nova SBE will host three international events this year

© Paulo Springer / Global Images May 25, 2022 • 2:54 pm On Wednesday, Nova SBE presented three events, which will feature various international speakers, that address topics related to global impact in strategic areas of sustainable economic and social development. The Estoril, Nova SBE Sustainable Journey, and Supermassive Event conferences will be held in … Read more

The path to a data-driven organization

Today, the most successful organizations use data to gain a competitive advantage, supporting the same critical business decision-making processes. In this way, all analytics applications developed to provide essential information have a set of four components, all of them equally important: data, process, organizational model, technology, people, and culture. data Any informed decision-making process begins … Read more

Five steps to building an effective digital value chain

In the midst of transformation, companies are constantly looking for new ways to meet the expectations of their customers, and to reinvent the way they operate through technology and innovation. In this context, optimizing the digital value chain is a major challenge. It is not just a technical initiative, but an organizational effort that also … Read more

Hand in hand for the future

Sustainability is currently one of the great environmental, economic and social drivers of humankind, and of course business. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, it’s become an issue that companies take very seriously (and in good health!). As the effects of climate change become more visible, it has also become important for organizations to … Read more

Sole CEO

As my attorney says, in Portuguese law, in terms of corporations, the CEO number does not officially exist – chief executive officer – Yes, there are figures such as the Managing Director or the Chairman of the Executive Committee, although it is true that in Portuguese corporate law, there is not even a distinction between … Read more