5G introduces the digital world into prehistoric times – 05/27/2022

Smart cities and factories, more devices connected in one network, self-driving cars, more productivity in the field and in industries. Everything, surely everything we know today will be greatly influenced by this new technology. 5G is present and will be disabled. Just to list some of these reasons: It allows you to connect more devices … Read more

Vitor Pereira sees Corinthians decline and asks for coolness against Boca – 05/27/2022

Vitor Pereira admitted on Friday that football in Corinthians in the last rounds had been missing out. Despite a series of eight matches that did not witness defeats, there were four consecutive draws, the last of which was an embarrassment against Always Reddy (1-1), for the Libertadores Cup, Thursday. The Portuguese coach admitted the team’s … Read more

Facial Biometrics: Myths and Facts About Technology – 05/26/2022

* Written by Wagner Martin // Today, the face has become a widely used method of authentication. Most smartphones, for example, are already using Facial Biometrics By the front camera to release access to the device in the same way as with the password. To enter commercial premises, photographs are always recorded, as are government … Read more

The council wants to include the technology category in the curriculum – 05/23/2022

CNE (Conselho Nacional de Educação) in March published an opinion describing guidelines for educational networks to create their technology curricula within a year. The document still needs approval to enter into force. Education Technologist and Tríade Educacional Director, Leandro Holland states that in addition to setting guidelines for technology education, the networks will need to … Read more

Rio Grande Bridge. Builders names. The author of this historical photo. – 05/17/2022

The new information was sent by another former employee of Memória, Domingos Luiz Orlando, known as Mingo, who reports: 1 – The photo, published in Rio Grande da Serra Week 2022, is reversed. 2- The author of the picture is Louise Orlando’s parents. 3 – The boy at the end of the boat is me. … Read more