The tallest dog in the world is more than 2 meters long – and loves to be held | Guinness

Brittany Davis longed for a big dog and her heart was in one of the biggest and the smallest of them all: Great Dane. The wish came true in February 2020, although it didn’t happen as well as I thought. His brother, Garrett Davis, knocked on his door and handed him a Great Dane American … Read more

Dogs struggle with being lonely as their owner returns to face-to-face activities | SEGS

A post-pandemic scenario can cause anxiety to the animal, and generate physical and emotional problems; Behavioral scientist explains how to solve it A study published in February 2022 by the scientific journal Animals analyzed the relationship between the routine of dog owners in the UK, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, and the animals’ … Read more

Pet market growth spurs investment in hospital technology

After completing 15 years, Batel Veterinary Hospital has invested R$2.5 million in state-of-the-art equipment for its ICU and operating rooms. An investment of R$2.5 million in technology, combined with the acquisition of new equipment in Curitiba, has allowed Hospital Veterinário do Batel (HVB) to triple its capacity for care and for highly complex surgeries. The … Read more

Homemade dog food: Understand the care a teacher should have – Vida de Bicho

+ A teacher can offer a pet a natural diet, as long as they take some care and follow up with an area professional (Photo: Pexels/Sebastian Coman Travel/CreativeCommons) Dog and cat owners are increasingly looking for healthy foods for their pets. In this context, many end up choosing to serve homemade food, some also call … Read more

Dogs can also experience psychological trauma; See how you act

Now check out why your dog licks their paws so much! Photo: Shutterstock/Alto Astral Trauma is emotional reactions to events that have traumatized memory and end up making life more difficult, as people can experience a series of negative emotions after the event. Unfortunately, even dogs are not without this. a second Petronillo JadeVet and … Read more

Specialist warns of animal behavior

Singer and actress Barbra Streisand with her dogs Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, a clone of Samantha’s puppy who died in 2017, at the age of 14. Photo: Instagram / @barbrastreisand / Estadão In January of this year, the House Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development approved Federal Senate Bill 5010/13, which regulates the research, … Read more

‘Influencers’ start cloning dogs – so the content (and the love) never ends | the animals

willow An impressive hybrid between a dog and a wolf, thousands of people have been watching them grow since they were a farm. Courtney Udvar-Hazy posted all the moments they spent together, until 2018, the dog got hit by a car and died. But the posts on Instagram did not stop. The American photographer and … Read more

Benefits of a balanced diet for your pet – Vida de Bicho

+ When a pet does not receive enough food, the skin is usually the first organ to show deficiency changes (Photo: pexels/rarnie-mccudden/CreativeCommons There is a growing group of owners who are choosing to provide unprocessed food, otherwise known as natural or homemade food. “For those who choose this type of food for their fur, we … Read more

What is the most expensive animal in the world? Check out some great value country magazine Globo

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