Pets teach families more than we realize. This is the guide! – animal life

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The unusual explanation of the judge who authorized the boy to have a father and a father – 04/25/2022 – Balance

In 2019, a woman from Salta, northern Argentina, gave birth to a child with her partner, with whom she lived for a year. A few months later, without telling her boyfriend, she called an ex-partner to say she thought the baby was his. A DNA test confirmed that this man was the real biological father. … Read more

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The story of Caroline Haddad and her four adopted dogs – Vida de Bicho

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+ Journalist Giuliana Girardi considers the cat Menina a daughter (Photo: Disclosure / Globoplay) journalist Giuliana Girardi, of Fantástico, loves animals so much that he created the podcast Bichos na Escuta in partnership with G1. During the eight months of the program, he talked about various topics of the pet world with celebrities, such as … Read more