Woof develops solutions for local pet stores across Brazil, savings of R$23 million for retailers – O Presente Rural

More quality of life for pets. This is the focus of Woof Para Pet Shops, a suite of solutions for local establishments to deliver a convenient, pet-focused experience to all customers – the owners and their pets. “The goal is to turn pet shopping into caring,” says Caetano Altavin, CEO of the company. The first … Read more

Good father, polite and helpful: family and friends know Ginvaldo dos Santos is dead in the PRF approach in Sergipe | sergeby

Giulia Cardoso, Ginvaldo’s neighbor, said she had good memories. “I have known him for 16 years, he is calm, does not mess with anyone’s life. He was polite and treated people well, really well, even too much.” Pensioner Josefa Francesca dos Santos also maintained that he was a quiet man and a caring father. “I … Read more

Insurance brokers can earn up to R$100,000, but they are already affected by technology: what is the future of the profession?

In the face of the pandemic, which is far from over, and just over 11.9 million unemployed, a certain category has gained ground even in a tough job market. Who is this professional? Answer: An insurance broker. The new perception of risk and a sense of infinity – the signs left behind by Covid-19 – … Read more

Ball – Champions Final dominates the ball on Saturday (21:50) (A BOLA TV)

This Saturday, May 28, you can see on your tv ball (Channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone, 64 from NOWO) … A day marked by the fantastic Champions League final that puts two of the world’s football giants face to face: Real Madrid and Liverpool. saturday ball A prominent space is set aside for … Read more

Tech workers publish book in defense of electronic voting machines

São Paulo – Scientists, technicians and computer engineers involved in developing Brazil’s electronic voting machines are deeply alarmed by attacks and attempts to rule out the country’s electoral system, which is seen as a model for the world in terms of efficiency and reliability, despite being the subject of the wrath of flat Earth advocates. … Read more

ERICERA featured in Luxembourg newspaper AZUL-ERICEIRA MAG | The best of EriceiraAZUL-ERICEIRA MAG

Photography: Rodrigo Cabrita / Napata Earlier this month, Luxembourg Wert published a four-part article, in interview format, starring Gerard Hoss and his daughter, Catarina Hoss, in which the two talk about the relationship between Luxembourg and Portugal and their passion for the country. , including his relationship with Ericeira, within the scope of a series … Read more