10 racing games available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Xbox One and Xbox Series

Forza Horizon 5, Dirt 5 and F1 2021 are some of the games on the list The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate It has hundreds of titles in its library, which is constantly updated, and in this list we have separated 10 racing games that are on the service and can often be hidden from among … Read more

Capture humanity’s second black hole… Can space travel be proven in ‘Interstellar’?

Article SummaryAn international research team, including Korea, has connected 8 radio telescopes around the world to observe “Arc A”M87 discovered in 2019 looks like a black hole…General relativity has been proven once again“One step closer to the difficulties of galaxy formation and evolution…ongoing efforts to unravel the mysteries of the early universe” ▲ Sagittarius image … Read more

Book this Monday dawn: It’s the first total lunar eclipse of 2022 | astronomy

It’s the first total lunar eclipse of 2022. Fans (not fans) of observing the sky can find at dawn on Monday, May 16, a “blood moon.” It is a different eclipse – the moon will remain fully visible, but with red colors covering its surface. That’s at least our view of observers on Earth. The … Read more

Macapá City Hall launches campaign to combat LGBTphobia in Diversity Month – Macapá City Hall

Programming begins on Tuesday (17) in Praça da Bandeira | Photo: Archive / PMM The symbolic act of raising the LGBT flag, a diversity exhibition and recording artists from the diversity sector at the Central Market, are part of the launch of the Macapá City Hall campaign against LGBTphobia, in reference to the international history … Read more

Is it time to buy your shares? – Investments – Estadão E-Investidor – Major Financial Market News

A Brokerage Avenue survey commissioned by E-Investidor indicated that the five biggest declines in company stock prices in the New York Stock Exchange’s S&P 500 Index in this year’s cumulative score were from technology-related companies. The monetary tightening cycle has severely punished technology companies in the North American market. In the opinion of analysts, the … Read more

Activating the brain to overcome trauma: the “celebrity treatment” available in Natal – 05/14/2022 – News

Matthews Fernandez Reporter Since the end of last year, a new therapeutic approach has been introduced in Rio Grande do Norte to the residents of Natal. This is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, in EMDR, which in Portuguese means eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. This technique works by activating painful memories that affect the patient’s … Read more