Webb Space Telescope to provide details of two intriguing “super-Earths” in the Milky Way

An illustration showing what the planet 55 Cancri E could look like, based on current understanding of the planet. 55 Cancri is a rocky planet roughly twice the diameter of Earth and orbiting just 0.015 AU from its sun-like star. Because of its narrow orbit, the planet is extremely hot, with daytime temperatures reaching 4,400 … Read more

Transfero, BHub and Logcomex announce job opportunities related to technology, finance and other areas

With a total capitalization of around $650 billion in 2021 worldwide according to a survey by analytics platform Crunchbase, startups may not repeat the amount of venture capital funding in 2022, given some recent analyzes suggesting they tend to be affected by a $1 trillion loss. Which has already hit the publicly traded tech giants … Read more

Knowledge, technology and smart investment make fertilizer efficient

Photo: iStock The continued growth of the world’s population is directly reflected in the increased demand for food. Therefore, a sustainable production process is necessary to avoid waste, especially the increasingly scarce natural resources. In agriculture, fertilization is a smart management practice that uses water for fertilization. It is present in many cultures, especially in … Read more

Meta Summit Latam: an event that highlights innovation and creativity with a focus on meta

The Goal finished yesterday (27) Meta Latam Summit: a series of events focusing on innovation, creativity, and the road to metaverse. The first face-to-face meeting was held in Pacubra – Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, in Ibirapuera Park, where many content creators gathered to visit some revitalization activities Goal. In addition to the guests Enjoyed pocket … Read more

Taiwanese tech giants adopt world’s first NVIDIA Grace CPU technology system designs | SEGS

New suite of data center systems for digital twins, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cloud graphics, and gaming come from ASUS, Foxconn Industrial Internet, GIGABYTE, QCT, Supermicro and Wiwynn NVIDIA has announced that leading computer manufacturers in Taiwan will release the first wave of systems powered by the NVIDIA Grace™ CPU Superchip and Grace Hopper Superchip … Read more

Sharing technology and corporate buses improves mobility and quality of life for employees

It is not new for technology to be an ally of many processes in large companies, and when it comes to urban mobility, we can already notice significant changes in this sector. Corporate relocation is largely responsible for ensuring safety, agility, speed and, above all, employee welfare. Among the various trends in this sector, a … Read more

Providing access to mental health support through artificial intelligence – Microsoft News Center Brasil

by Trinh Duong When Teresa Nguyen was asked about the barriers that prevent someone from finding adequate mental health resources, Program Leader at Mental Health AmericaHe replied, “What is not an obstacle?” For someone with mental health issues, these barriers can range from shame to access to affordability for solutions. Before she was an advocate … Read more