When, Where and Everything Related to the 1000 Possible Meteor Signal

Astronomers see the possibility of new meteor showers on May 30 and 31. Lots of information about the new meteor shower, Tau Herkuld, is circulating online, sparking the curiosity of sky-watchers. Meteor showers are expected to light up the sky over Memorial Day weekend, depending on the meteor’s speed and distance. According to NASA, Earth … Read more

Xiaomi uses voice technology to help people with speech disorders

The xiaomi Unveils its latest application of advanced algorithms and self-developed voice technology in the field of accessibility. technology text to speech Spontaneous style, developed by Xiaomi AI Labto generate a unique and customized sound for a user with a speech disability. The user can now communicate with others using their ‘voice’, instead of the … Read more

″ I believe this technology will be the future of hardware

Alex Ruhl, founder and director of VR at virtual reality studio Cats are not Peas. © Jose Carmo / Global Images May 28, 2022 • 06:57 The founder of virtual reality studio CATS PEAS, Alex Rolle, is a pioneer in immersive storytelling and her work has won numerous international awards. The English language specialist was … Read more

5G introduces the digital world into prehistoric times – 05/27/2022

Smart cities and factories, more devices connected in one network, self-driving cars, more productivity in the field and in industries. Everything, surely everything we know today will be greatly influenced by this new technology. 5G is present and will be disabled. Just to list some of these reasons: It allows you to connect more devices … Read more

Insurance brokers can earn up to R$100,000, but they are already affected by technology: what is the future of the profession?

In the face of the pandemic, which is far from over, and just over 11.9 million unemployed, a certain category has gained ground even in a tough job market. Who is this professional? Answer: An insurance broker. The new perception of risk and a sense of infinity – the signs left behind by Covid-19 – … Read more

Tech workers publish book in defense of electronic voting machines

São Paulo – Scientists, technicians and computer engineers involved in developing Brazil’s electronic voting machines are deeply alarmed by attacks and attempts to rule out the country’s electoral system, which is seen as a model for the world in terms of efficiency and reliability, despite being the subject of the wrath of flat Earth advocates. … Read more