The Legislative Assembly of Paraná | News> Approval of the ban on animal piercings and tattoos was finalized and submitted to the executive authority for punishment

The motion aimed at curbing new practices of mistreatment of wild and domesticated animals was finally approved in plenary session on Monday (16), in the Legislative Assembly of Paraná. Bill 165/2021, signed by Representatives Alexander Amaro (R) and Gallo (PP), bans tattoos and piercings of wild, domestic, domestic, or exotic animals for aesthetic purposes throughout … Read more

Shared Pet Custody: Understanding How It Works in Practice – Vida de Bicho

+ Animals can miss their absent owners and pretend by changing behavior (Photo: Pixabay/Amit Karkare/CreativeCommons) Bruna Marquezine, Enzo Cellulari, Luisa Sonza, and Wenderson Nunes are examples of former celebrity couples who have already resorted to shared pet care to keep in touch with the pets they decided to adopt together. However, whoever thinks this practice … Read more

The vegan and organic market keeps growing despite the crisis

Elaine Campanharu / Alice Elaine Campanharu / Alice The growth in the vegetable and organic food market, recorded in national surveys, is reflected in Espírito Santo. Two sector entrepreneurs heard by Século Diário said that even in the face of a deep economic crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, demand from ever more conscious consumers … Read more

Pets teach families more than we realize. This is the guide! – animal life

+ Animals are capable of teaching responsibility, love, companionship, and more! (Photo: Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto/clone) Getting a pet is all good! No wonder, there are about 132 million pets dotted in Brazilian homes. Currently, the country ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of pets, according to IBGE. In addition to being great … Read more

How to save dogs and cats from suffocating and when to take them to the vet | Care

Nadia Vasilieva / Pixels Find out how to help your pet – content in collaboration with professionals from Ceva Saúde Animal summary Knowing how to recognize the signs of choking is important to help your pet before the situation gets worse. Be careful not to injure the animal and not make the situation worse. Even … Read more

The STF decides whether municipalities are obligated to guarantee a place in nursery school for children under 5 years

commitment or not?Based on a suit from the City of Criciúma, the Federal Supreme Court decides whether it is mandatory for the government to provide and guarantee places in daycares and nurseries for children between the ages of 0 and 5 years. The decision has general repercussions, that is, it creates ijtihad on the subject. … Read more