Danilo’s brother has already stood out in Bahia, who is trying not to repeat his mistake

Danilo’s call-up to the Brazilian national team, this week, was expected for the party for the 56th birthday of the graphic artist Loreval Oliveira, which was completed yesterday (14). “Tite gave me a gift on Wednesday morning (11), and Danilo gave me another gift at night,” said the father of the Palmeiras player, referring to … Read more

Sofia and Juan Carlos. 60 Years After The Great Greek Wedding Where They Said “Yes” Three Times – Observer

Pilar Air, a famous Spanish journalist and deep connoisseur of the royal family (she has published several books about its members) released in 2021 “Eu, o Rei” (Sphere of Books), a romantic biography of the life of Don Juan Carlos, who goes from childhood to… The most recent present which is the result of research … Read more

Brazilian priests conclude their 18th national meeting

Apostolic Ambassador for Priests: “Our service, our life, is effective if it is performed humbly.” Father Modeno – Selam On May 14, Brazilian priests concluded their 18th National Assembly in a Eucharistic celebration at the Aparecida National Shrine. The Apostolic Nuncio, who presided over the celebration, began his homily by saying to the priests, “We … Read more

I learned to love Caetano after he insulted my father – 05/14/2022 – Illustríssima

[RESUMO] The publicist spent years without listening to Caetano after the singer cursed his father, journalist Geraldo Marinck, calling him an ass in a 1978 interview, the episode that became a meme. Decades later, when he collected his father’s texts on a website, he came up with the idea of ​​producing a podcast with Caetano’s … Read more