“Coming from the inside brings us a great learning experience”

“Coming from the inside brings us a great learning experience”

They started the activities small and modest. Gradually, they occupied their space in the regional market and expanded their activities. Today, integrated in this field, Locatelli Mármores e Granitos celebrates a decade of operations as one of the main companies based in the industrial zone of Cruzeiro do Sul. The company’s partners, Jefferson Locatelli and … Read more

The most prominent modifications in the games

About to turn 125, even if you’ve never read the novel Bram StokerYou sure know Dracula And even if completely faithful adaptations with his literary version are rare, these same adaptations are numerous and multimodal. Related Posts | Dracula: Anatomy of the Most Popular Creatures in Pop Culture The number of vampires is held The … Read more

The founder of the Fernando Reichert Institute says, “Goodness must be spread.”

Social contributions have always been part of the working routine of the brothers and partners of Free Multiagencia, Roberto and Romeu Reichert. The teachings he received from his father Fernando Reichert culminated from an early age in actions to support institutions and families in need. God has always been kind to us and our forefathers … Read more

Flávio Bolsonaro repeats rumors of his father to attack TSE

Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) has reiterated the accusations of his father, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), against the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and said the court’s refusal to accept the changes proposed by the armed forces “will generate distrust” in this year’s elections. “TSE must ensure a safe and transparent process. [Se continuar como está], will … Read more

Ministry of Health team visits USF in Geisel to accompany ‘prenatal care of the father’

A team from the Ministry of Health visited the Family Health Unit (USF) Estação Saúde, in the Ernesto Gesell neighborhood, this Wednesday (18), to follow the development of the “prenatal father” consultation in the municipality’s primary care services. Joao Pessoa. In the past 12 months, 29 thousand antenatal consultations were carried out in the capital’s … Read more

Catarina Macario highlights Lyon’s superiority in the Champions League final: “We have experience on our side”

Catarina Macario scored goals in six of Lyon’s 10 matches in the group stage of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Days after playing in her first final in the competition, the Brazilian-born, American-born player is looking forward – but in a good way – to her first European final. And she’s picked a great season … Read more