Adventure scenario where the influencer and the dog are killed in an accident in the United States across 17 countries

Share tweet Share Share email Influencer Jesse Koese, 29, and his dog Shurastie, who were killed in an accident in Portland, Oregon (USA), last Monday, had already passed through 17 countries on the planned route in Alaska. The duo hit the road in 2017, when Cuz, at the time, who was a salesman and teaches … Read more

Santos collects blood from dogs to control leishmaniasis

This Sunday (22), the team of the Surveillance and Control of Zoonoses (CIVICOS) Department of Santos Health Department conducted a blood collection of 69 animals living in Morro do Pacheco to control visceral leishmaniasis in dogs. These animals live within a radius of up to 100 meters from the homes of three affected dogs and … Read more

Senate approves bill legalizing emotional support dog for people with disabilities

The Senate on Tuesday (24) approved a bill that would give people with mental, intellectual or sensory disabilities the right to enter public or private spaces in the company of emotional support dogs. The proposal goes to the House of Representatives for analysis. The adopted text specifies that the presence of an emotional support dog … Read more

“He killed every dog ​​I found in my pasture”; See the strange facts published in a newspaper in Blumenau in 1917

“Be honest and the police forbidden Spreading disturbing rumors about guara Streamunder penalty of imprisonment. I, Carlos Gruner, the writer, wrote it. By: Police Chief Jacob Schmidt. This is one of the warnings that appeared in the Gazeta Blumenauense, since 1917, which according to its motto was “an organ in the interest of the economic … Read more

Breed guide: The English Bulldog, the dog that faced fierce bulls | racing

Daniel Borker / Pixabay The English Bulldog was once a very aggressive dog. summary The English bulldog was used in deadly bullfights in the UK With bullfighting banned, the breed is nearly extinct There was a huge physical and behavioral change even reaching the Reproduction level today Originally from the United Kingdom, one of the … Read more

“Cabelo do Cão” was launched in Juazeiro 13 years after the murder of the “Owner of Banco do Brasil”

The writer of a barbaric crime that had great repercussions in Juazeiro do Norte and in the Cariri region is now at large: Evandro Rogério dos Santos, 45, better known as “Cabelo do Cão”. In the early hours of March 31, 2009, tramp Geraldo Alves da Silva was killed by throwing a huge stone at … Read more

Study says pugs are not ‘typical dogs’ and their health needs more care

A recent scientific study indicates that pugs face health problems so serious that they “can no longer be considered a typical dog from a health point of view.” Research by the Royal Veterinary College has revealed that the health of pugs is now significantly different and much worse than that of other dogs. The study … Read more