Brazilian designer recreates a 3D primitive dog’s face

designer Cicero Moraeswho lives in Sinop (MT), has pioneered the use of 3D technology to reconstruct the face of a primitive pet, dog wave, which lived about 7,600 years ago, was discovered in Portugal. This is the first time that technology has been used to reconstruct the head of this animal. The facial reconstruction project, … Read more

Life in the Donbass between bombs, deprivation and flight – 05/28/2022

Life in the Donbass, between bombs, deprivation, and escape – half destroyed by Russian bombs, Issychansk in eastern Ukraine still resists occupation. Without water, electricity or telephones, about 20% of the former population is housed in underground shelters. A report from DW. Anyone going to Lysychansk must drive at full speed. Almost no one will … Read more

5 dropouts from normal human life

It is a fact that it can be tiring to live a normal life where it is necessary to work and study and have other difficult daily obligations. Recently, the story of a Japanese man who decided to become a dog because he loved the animal sparked a curiosity and was very successful in the … Read more

Porcupine attack: how to remove hedgehog spines from dog care

Lilian Lima / Hotel Pancina Velez Shelter dogs “Pancinha Feliz” needed veterinary care after encountering a porcupine Summary If possible, the animal should be taken to the veterinary hospital immediately; In less serious cases, a teacher can help Do not try to remove the thorns with your hands. After making sure that there are no … Read more

Pablo Faris paraphrases “meaningless comments” on networks with the support of woman, Leticia Spiller: “I learn a lot from her” – Quem

+ Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram) Uruguayan guitarist, composer, street artist and music director Pablo Fares, 32, husband of actress Leticia Spiller, 48, made lemonade out of lemons. With 31,800 followers on Instagram, he has gained fame on the social network, but is starting to face the downside of exposure. “We expose ourselves … Read more

Why is homemade sausage so expensive (and it is not necessary to cook it in water) – 04/06/2022

Handmade sausages are easy to find. But why are handmade sausages such a rare product on the market – and cost up to four times that of the industrial versions? There are several reasons, explains Peterson Rebicci, founder of the Escola de Charcutaria Cava and Charcutaria Artesanal community in Brazil, with nearly 80,000 members on … Read more