What to do and what the science says.

What to do and what the science says.

In the middle of May, the temperature in most parts of Brazil begins to drop, however, the concern of many owners comes: Is my dog ​​cold? What precautions should I take with low temperatures? Canine Welfare and Behavior Consultant Camille Chamonix from Belo Horizonte (MG), editor of all social media “Your French Country” and graduate … Read more

“He chose me,” says the new “mother” of Thor, the dog that was towed by car—capital

The vet who took care of the dog adopted him and yesterday he finally came home after more than 30 days Thor in the new house. (Photo: social networking clone) Thor, the one-and-a-half-year-old bull, who was injured after being pulled with a rope tied to a Chevrolet Cadet, had tough days, undergoing treatment, but yesterday … Read more

Breed guide: Bloodhound has a very strong smell | racing

Lina Sophie Shell / Pixabay Docile, stubborn, with a strong sense of smell: Learn more about Bloodhounds summary Bloodhoud is also known as Saint Humberto’s Dog. The breed has one of the sharpest odors among dogs and can smell after 12 days. Gentle and docile dog, gets along well with children and other pets. Born … Read more

Five dogs and a cat spread with Christmas and Halloween costumes, Paquitas da Xuxa and even Nossa Senhora de Fátima in Fortaleza | car

A four-legged hexa – consisting of five girls and a cat – has garnered millions of views on social media. Videos of animals in different costumes have gained thousands of followers between TikTok and Instagram. They are always shown wearing different themes, such as Christmas, Halloween, Paquitas, Monica’s gang and even as saints. On May … Read more

Wednesday on TV: From the Europa League final to UEFA cohesion, go Kamani and Cinderella in Napolitan | TV

movie theater available for loveCinema 8:50 pmIn 2000, after three years of absence from the big screen, Wong Kar-wai returned with this romantic drama set in Hong Kong in the 1960s. With a nostalgic tone and with a strong algebraic element, the society of the time faithfully portrays a re-creation of its musical atmosphere. Among … Read more

A company that combines circus and theater Gravitá blends body games, comedy and acrobatics in ‘Under the Same Roof’

“He who does not have a dog hunts with a cat,” says the old folk saying. And who suffers from loneliness, how is it treated? For acrobats Alessandro Coelho and Deborah Ishikawa, founders of award-winning Cia. Gravitá, the answer is the same as in the proverb: with a cat. In fact, the relationship between a … Read more