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More quality of life for pets. This is the focus of Woof Para Pet Shops, a suite of solutions for local establishments to deliver a convenient, pet-focused experience to all customers – the owners and their pets. “The goal is to turn pet shopping into caring,” says Caetano Altavin, CEO of the company.

The first pet-focused marketplace for pet-oriented products, Woof combines a dedicated pet-focused service and ordering schedule with free delivery through its network of affiliated pet stores. Each online and offline experience depends on the specific needs of the user’s pet. “We want to be the pet store’s best friend and the best pet friend,” Altafin confirms.

Since childhood, the founders have been pet owners and have missed out on a more pet-friendly shopping experience. When speaking to local pet stores, they saw the need for these establishments to increase and improve the service they provide. Woof, which is already a free online sales channel for local pet stores, now aims to help them save and earn more.

With the platform, partner institutions have already managed to save more than R$23 million so far. With more than three thousand subsidiaries, the startup has formed the largest network of pet store partners in Brazil, and today, it is the only online pet store in Brazil that offers free and same-day delivery in more than 270 cities.

How does Woof for Pet Shops work?

The startup offers a free pet store website, with its own brand or Woof brand, allowing it to sell products by subscription. The platform accepts online ordering, provides assistance from behavior professionals, veterinarians and dietitians, as well as service with access for pounds, and passes the sale of items to your local pet store, which, with all this structure and assistance, is able to compete with large networks and stores grand. “In addition to the fact that the local pet store has become a pet competitor, a customer who previously did not receive a more personalized and packaged service can now shop with ease and with the best experience for their pet,” Altafin explains.

In addition to digital transformation, the partner pet store receives a structural upgrade, such as the Stone Machine (initiative partner), with the best conditions in the market, which they can negotiate due to the large size of the affiliate pet stores. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management system is also available for affiliates, it is fully integrated with the device, and business intelligence is included on the site.

Finally, the store bathroom, which changes the experience at the point of sale, was designed by the same branding and expansion team, with the Woof brand on it. In other words, Woof’s marketing team becomes part of that pet store’s team. “The pet store leaves a world where it is on its own and acquires a team of consultants, implementers and marketing from all dimensions to put it in the game,” stresses the CEO.

Altafin also points out that in order to stand out in the sector, it is essential to improve the shopping experience for pet products and to feed teacher behavior with relevant information about pets. “It is also interesting to think about the sustainable development of the sector. By providing support to local pet stores, which account for more than 40% of the industry (compared to supermarkets, which, despite progress, still account for 15%), we are also contributing In it,” concludes Altavin.


There are currently 30 employees, approximately one third of whom are in technology, operations, management and societal areas, including:

– Caetano Altavin, CEO

Caetano Altavin is a consultant, lawyer, entrepreneur, rower and speaker specializing in leadership, management, innovation and corporate governance topics. He holds an LLM from Harvard University (USA) and a graduate of Fundação Estudar and Instituto Ling. He holds a major in Finance from London Business School (UK) and the North American Legal System of Yale University (USA). He is registered as a lawyer in Brazil and in the state of New York (USA).

He has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and manager in organizations and projects on four continents in various sectors (Venture Capital, Retail, Consulting and Service Delivery), as well as in Non-Profit Organizations. He has more than 10 years of experience in the private and public sectors as a consultant and attorney specializing in corporate governance, corporate operations and finance. Participate in investigations and development of compliance programs for multinational companies in preparation for market operations.

He’s an ocean rower, and in 2015 he became the first Brazilian to row across the North Atlantic. Caetano is one of the characters in the documentary “Romance de Formação”, released in 2011. He is a member of the IBGC working groups, he is fluent in English and Spanish and his native language is Portuguese.

– Marcela Griezes, Chief Marketing Officer

Marcela graduated from PUC-Rio and did an exchange program in Georgetown, where she participated in the Women in Leadership group and the United Nations Association. Animal behavior expert Marcela presented GoApp at Web Summit 2018, Dublin Tech Summit 2019, and TNW 2019 and led to the selection of GoApp from among more than 1,000 companies to be in the 360Lab Acceleration Program in Austria.

– David Jordan, Chief Technology Officer

David has been focusing on open source projects since 1998 and has worked as a developer and senior manager ever since. He is a founding member of TDF (LibreOffice). He has over 12 years of experience as a Professor in Software and Systems Engineering, OS Construction and Operating Systems Engineering. Speaker at over 100 IT conferences and author of technical articles on Software Development / AI / SAT > IP + IP Streaming.

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