Vitor Pereira completed three months of Corinthians’ stay in Brazilian football

This Saturday (28), coach Vitor Pereira officially completed three months of Corinthians. Announced on February 23, the Portuguese led his first practice session at CT Joaquim Grava on February 28.

Vitor Pereira has coached Corinthians 61 times in his 90 days at the club (Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians)

Vitor Pereira has coached Corinthians 61 times in his 90 days at the club (Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians)

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Ninety days later, 61 training sessions have taken place – the 62 will take place on Saturday – and 21 games have been played, an average of once every four days.

And the intense routine between matches is precisely one of the biggest annoyances for the Corinthians coach since his arrival in Brazil.

– I came for a game marathon with little time to work. I am a field coach who loves to work and reinforce behaviors. Here (in Brazil) it is more difficult – Vitor said at a press conference last Friday (27).

This intense match-by-match dynamic has led to the stance taken by VP since his first matches in charge of Corinthians, the players.

Vítor doesn’t usually repeat lineups from match to match, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he understands that with the dates so close, he’ll hardly get the best performance out of his players.

But anyone who thinks that the selection of holders for each match is determined in a certain way for each setting is mistaken. Pereira does not usually make clear his 11 start, revealing even to the group of athletes a few hours before the matches start.

Corinthians coaches admit that this situation is linked to the active participation of the sports press in everyday life and the fear that his core team will be leaked to the media, endangering the work of matches.

– The media affects the mental state of the players. I’ve always made an impact, but now so much more, because it’s all media. I was working strategically the day before the match, I would go into the field, imagine the opponent, put the opponent in position, in the first offensive phase, in the second phase, what are the opponent’s standard movements, how do they exploit the counter-attack, those things I like to remember on the day The former, from a strategic point of view, I cannot do here, because after an hour the team that will play the next day is in the media – the most prominent VP.

– It’s more of an adaptation, I have to mix them all. I don’t give the lineup at the first meeting, because when I do, in the morning it’s already in the media, the opponent knows what he can count on and will have an advantage. These are the adjustments I have to make. He added that planning should take place in the future.

Vitor Pereira arrived in Corinthians after a classic match against São Paulo, for Paulistão, in the same week. Next, he faced Ponte Prieta, also for the state, and had a new direct contender, this time Palmeiras, up front.

He finished the first stage of Campeonato Paulista against Novorizontino and already had a knockout sequence against Guarani in the Paulistão quarter-finals, qualified on penalties after a home draw, and was eliminated in the semi-finals by São Paulo, in Morumbi.

This sequence of important matches, against strong opponents, in a short period of time alerted Vitor Pereira to the importance of controlling the physical and tactical aspects.

VP then adopted the rotation scheme, which caused the first internal wear of Timão coach, due to striker Róger Guedes’s dissatisfaction with the state of reserves in matches in larger leagues, such as the Libertadores.

For the continental tournament, Corinthians, with Vitor Pereira, qualified even in structuring the group stage advance and causing serious setbacks, such as a 1-1 draw against Bolivia by Always Reddy, in the final match of the key.

In the Copa del Rey, they advanced to the Round of 16, passing Portugal-RSG in the previous stage, in two matches that proved easier than they had against the Brazilian First Division team, far from their best moments.

The big difference to the Corinthians de VP was the Brazilian championship, with Parque São Jorge leading with four wins, two draws and just one defeat in seven matches.

In all, of the 21 matches in which Vitor Pereira led Corinthians, he won nine, drew seven and lost five.

Of those setbacks, four were setbacks in the classics, two for São Paulo and against Palmeiras, and one at the height of La Paz, against Always Reddy, in the Libertadores debut.

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