The Mario Motta e Motta 31 Institute has been helping people in need for the past 4 years

Football is often an outlet for those looking for entertainment. However, it is not difficult to see people associated with football also helping in the social sphere. Even sports are one of the most meditative of the needy population, with opportunities in this environment.

One such example is the Instituto Mário Mota e Goleiro Mota 31. It was created in Rio de Janeiro, in the city of Gaberí, in 2016, and the institute was named after goalkeeper Mota, who worked at CSA between 2017 and 2018. From there to now The Foundation collected social measures to serve the needy public. In Alagoas since the goalkeeper’s arrival in Azulão, Mário Mota, the player’s father, has carried out such actions in the capital of Alagoas.

By the way, one of these events will be on Saturday (28), at 9 am. The event will take place in the Gamma Lens community, behind Oval, at the top of the capital of Alagoas. Among the free services are: hair cutting, HIV screening, registration of business and ID cards, blood pressure and glucose screening, as well as other activities for the audience present.

In a conversation with Gazeta de Alagoas, Mario Motta spoke quite a bit about the project, from its inception and growth, to the present day. Mario, who was a former resident of Rio de Janeiro, said he came to Maceió to watch the match between CSA and Tombense, on September 25, 2017, at Série C do Brasileiro.

In addition to being delighted with Azulao’s 1-0 victory, Mario revealed that he had fallen in love with the country. In fact, this passion made him leave friends and family in Rio, so that he could live in Terra dos Marechais.

“The institute was born in Rio de Janeiro from a phrase my son said: ‘Only get out of the suspended or dead drug trade.’ It’s so hard for a father to hear this. Get out of the crowd, give a chance and extend your hands. Do good without looking at who. Our eternal president called me Rafael Tenorio (former CSA representative and today on the club’s advisory board) to watch the match for access to the second division, against Tombense. I loved the Alagoas and gave up on family and friends in Rio de Janeiro. Today, I and God are here in Alagoas, because my son, Motta, plays for Jacquepins in Bahia,” Mario explained.

In terms of social work, and thinking about families most in need, Mario said he takes them to communities and shelters. He also referred to the first local action, in the Motang community, which is currently uninhabited due to subsidence of the soil in the area.

“I do social work in the communities, a shelter for children, the elderly and drug addicts. This has been since our first social work in the former Motang community, on February 24, 2018,” he revealed.

As the scale and bulk of the actions increased, some well-known partners began to support the project. Even the ones Mario mentioned have great corridors through the CSA. Cases of full-back Celcino, striker Neltino, midfielders Dedera and Daniel Costa, as well as Jacuzinho, the idol of Azulina. Sometimes, they help the project by attending promoted actions.

For the future, Mario is ambitious, but he puts his feet on the ground, because the main goal is to help those who need him most. The father of the guard Mota is looking for a place of his own for the institute, without having to pay real estate expenses.

“Thank God I received support from my son when he played in Volta Redonda, I received support from my late father and all my family and friends from the municipalities of Japeri and São João de Meriti. I have a dream of having our own place for the institute, without having to pay rent, I even have a project About how the institute will be in its own place and be able to help more of these Alagoas warriors,” he said.

We welcome anyone who wants to donate to Instituto Mário Mota. In general, the project receives furniture, basic baskets and food, among other things. To communicate with the project, there are three ways. Via Facebook: Minar Mário Mota; Instragam: mario_do_esporte, or via WhatsApp: 82 99435-3917.

Aim, MOTA!

While Archer’s father takes care of the project, ranger Motta continues his magic on the meadows of Brazil. By CSA, it’s been two years and 52 games have been played. He won the 2017 C Series, as well as the 2018 Alagoano, and accessed the A Series, at the end of the same year.

Despite his experience, Motta, like his father, is a fighter. Born in Feira de Santana-BA, the goalkeeper began his career in Rio de Janeiro, passing through clubs such as Paraíba do Sul, Barra Mansa, América and Volta Redonda. However, he gained fame in Voltaço, in 2016, in the title of Serie D.

A leader in the field, today, at the age of 37, he spent stints in important clubs in his resume. He has also played with Paysandu (2019), XV de Piracicaba (2020) and Sampaio Corrêa (2020 and 2021), including Série B.

Motta plays today in the Jacuipense jersey of the Brazilian’s Series D. Coincidence or not, Mota was in Alagoas last week, as Jacuipense entered the field, against ASA, at Coaracy da Mata Fonseca, in Arapiraca. On the field, a 1-1 draw and another safe performance for the goalkeeper.

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