The father who searched for his daughter for two years since her mother disappeared with her child “I feel good” Ribeirao Preto, France

Since 2020, when Justice granted him the right to protect his daughter, she has not been seen since her mother, Rubia Scrucaro Coelho, went missing with her.

“I feel accomplished. It was a big struggle, I faced many difficulties and many said to me: ‘Put it aside, when your daughter grows up you will want to know who the father is, look for him.’ But my daughter is young so will I miss my whole childhood? So, all this battle, This struggle that I had was to strengthen and, in a way, encourage parents not to abandon their children. The main point is: Do not give in to your children.”

Antonio Carlos plays with his daughter at their home in Kravinos, SP. The father found the girl again after two years of searching – Photo: Valdinei Malaguti / EPTV

The girl was found in a shelter in Goiania (GO) after an anonymous tip-off informed the Military Police that she was in a school in the city. The police warned the father, who went to pick up the girl on Wednesday (25).

According to the firefighter, he does not intend to prevent the mother from visiting the girl, but said he is waiting for new court decisions on the terms of the meetings.

“I don’t want to do the same thing she was doing, never go away. A son is a father and a mother, an eternal thing. And if I can have a good relationship, it will be that way, which is in my daughter’s best interest. It’s not only good, my mother is good.” “Priority is given to the good of my daughter,” he said.

Rubia’s defense was sought, but until the latest update of this article, it had not manifested itself.

The firefighter said that the meeting with his daughter was full of emotions. On the part of the child, he said, the first reaction was seriousness and reticence, which soon broke when the two began to talk.

“He didn’t even want to look at me. When I picked her up, we went to the car, I started sitting and talking to her and showing her pictures and videos momentarily, I asked her if she remembered her. She said she remembered, talking about her family, her little cousin and her friends. She started laughing and we started interacting more “, He said.

Antonio Carlos plays with his daughter at their home in Kravinos, SP. The father found the girl again after two years of searching – Photo: Valdinei Malaguti / EPTV

The first information the father obtained from his daughter in recent years was that the girl was seen in Annapolis (GO), in April 2022.

At that time, Rabia was stopped in a lightning attack. The girl was with her and was escorted to the Annapolis Guardianship Council, but a security camera caught the moment the girl left the agency accompanied by Rabiya.

Last month, when they were able to find my daughter, who was a member of the Annapolis Board of Trustees, the mother took her and ran away. Does the mother who wants the best for her daughter do that? Will you escape from justice? Are you going to keep stopping your dad since you called me once a month? Therefore, I do not know what kind of beast she wanted to draw me, but for my part I always had a clear conscience, I did nothing wrong,” said the father.

Antonio Carlos Gonzaga Coelho last saw his daughter in July 2020 – Photo: Personal Archive

Also, according to the firefighter, since the reunion, the girl did not cry and was open to a cohabitation that, in his opinion, is strengthening little by little.

“I could see she was getting back the good memory she had of me as a father and then I was much happier. We stopped halfway when we were coming back from Goiania to here and ate cheese bread, and went to see some fish there too. And she started playing. She didn’t cry in any Time. I think it has to be bit by bit, what I can do now is give her affection, love, attention and understanding all that she has been through. You can’t fathom the damage done to her little head by parental alienation,” he explained.

Antonio Carlos says he met Rubia at a party in Caldas Novas (GO) and the two started dating soon after. After dating for three months, according to Antonio, Rubia became pregnant and then began insisting that they marry.

But he preferred that they remain lovers until the child is born.

According to the firefighter, because of his profession, it was impossible for him to move to Brasilia (DF), where Rubia lives, but a woman continued to force him to move.

Even after the birth of her daughter, Rubia continued to insist on marriage, and when the girl turned three months old, the relationship ended.

Rubia Scrócaro Coelho with her daughter disappeared in August 2020, following a court decision – Image: Reproduction / EPTV

Decision in favor of the escape of the father and mother

The firefighter also reported that after the couple separated, the court decided joint custody of the girl, with permanent residence in the mother’s home, in Brasilia, where the child was born.

However, the firefighter said the mother made it difficult for him to visit her daughter by setting up obstacles, including moving to another country without communicating with him and without talking to justice.

In light of the father’s reports, Judge Lauro Augusto Fabricio de Mello Filho, in a decision issued on August 18, 2020 in Curitiba (PR), where the mother lives with the child, considered “the mothers’ resistance, which is not limited to creating obstacles to visits, but also in providing him with (Father) with information about his daughter” and specifying that the girl will live with the firefighter.

Since that decision, according to the firefighter, the child was not seen again until their meeting on Wednesday.

Justice claimed a parent alienated and decided in August 2020 that the child would live with the father, in Cravenhos, SP – Image: Reproduction / EPTV

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