GP Monaco F1, FP2: Charles Leclerc is fastest again

Charles Leclerc repeated the feat of being the fastest free practice rider in the Monaco GP with a time of 1:12.656. This time Carlos Sainz was the second fastest driver (+0.044sec) and Ferrari looks stronger and able to take the lead in tomorrow’s qualifying.
Sergio Perez had the third fastest time, 0.379 seconds behind Leclerc’s, while Max Verstappen once again set the fourth fastest.
In ‘Package Two’ McLaren was the fastest again, but will have a lot of work to do, after Daniel Ricciardo’s accident in the first half of practice. Without it, Team Woking seems fast, as does AlphaTauri.

The pole position should be discussed between the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers, with some advantages for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Among the Red Bull drivers, Sergio Pérez was faster in the qualifying simulation than Max Verstappen and could raise a surprise tomorrow.
A good sign is the behavior of soft tires with low fuel in cars. The riders were able to complete a good number of laps in quick times without the vehicles losing much of their performance.
McLaren proved once again that it will be in contention for the best spot in the ‘Group Two’ qualifier – this time only with Lando Norris, because Daniel Ricciardo had an accident in the first half of training – accompanied by AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly and AlphaTauri’s George Russell. Mercedes. This time, Fernando Alonso managed a fast lap that put him among the ten fastest laps on the course, but more than a second away from the best time. McLaren’s MCL36 and AlphaTauri AT03 seem more suited to Monegasque racing than the Alpine A522.
Sebastian Vettel is back to finish training in the top ten, although far from Charles Leclerc’s time, a good response from the German driver for his performance in Spain.
Haas’ fastest rider was Kevin Magnussen, who was again in the top ten, with Mick Schumacher able to enjoy the entire training session unlike in the previous session.
Alfa Romeo also stayed out of the top 10, but Valtteri Bottas – the Swiss team’s fastest driver – was doing the work he was forbidden to do in the morning and rode several laps on medium tyres, thinking more about racing than qualifying. . That work has to happen tomorrow, but Bottas is clearly racing adversity to try to get a good position on the starting grid, and take advantage of the fast C42.
Lewis Hamilton had fewer complaints about the impact in this practice, but he still fell well short of his teammate’s time and only finished 12th in the timetables. A lot of work is expected for the Briton in training tomorrow, as a top ten position appears to be possible, given what Russell has shown.
Alexander Albon managed to finish the session faster than Guanyu Zhou, Lance Stroll, Mick Schumacher, Esteban Ocon and teammate Nicholas Latifi in 14th place. However, Schumacher and Ocon seem to have faster cars to take another place tomorrow in qualifying.

Session film:
Alfa Romeo managed to solve problems with Valtteri Bottas’ Alfa Romeo C42, but according to some unconfirmed information, it had to change the MGU-K, as happened with Mick Schumacher.
Max Verstappen and Lando Norris rode a new set of Pirelli medium tires to start the second practice session and the Red Bull driver was the first faster driver, with the Briton behind.
Sergio Perez managed to outperform his teammate and moved to the top of the schedule with a time of 1:14.001. Charles Leclerc climbed to third in the table, running several fast laps on solid tires, something he didn’t do in his first free practice session.
Just 15 minutes into the session, Daniel Ricciardo lost control of the MCL36 and crashed into the protection of the Monegasque Circuit, forcing the session to be interrupted. As time always goes by, teams are back on the track after a short time ready to start qualifying simulations.

Valtteri Bottas was one of the exceptions, as he missed a lot of first practice, the Finn came to the track on medium tires and continued to gather information for the team.
With soft tires fitted to most drivers, times were running low and Fernando Alonso moved to the top of the schedule, then was defeated by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, with the Mexican’s advantage by 0.031sec. At this point Kevin Magnussen climbed to fifth, before George Russell rode faster than Alonso and moved up to third.
With 30 minutes left in the session, also on the soft tyres, Leclerc beat Perez by 0.199 seconds and became the fastest rider in practice.
Pierre Gasly, Juanio Zou and Bottas remained on track with the medium tyres.
Verstappen and Leclerc discussed the top of the schedule, with an advantage for Ferrari’s Monegasque, who set the time at 1:12.764s, later followed by Carlos Sainz (+0.302s). Verstappen went on to finish third, while Perez came in fourth and Russell fifth.
Lando Norris, who switched from medium to soft tyres, obviously improved his best record and climbed to fourth in the timelines, while Leclerc improved his record to 1:12,656.
Also improving his time was Perez, who moved into second place, 0.379 seconds behind Leclerc’s knee. The Mexican’s second place took a short time to get past, with Carlos Sainz 0.221 seconds behind his teammate.
In the last 20 minutes of the session, Bottas changed the middle tires for a set of soft tires, but didn’t get past the thirteenth time (1:14.468sec). Carlos Sainz improved his record again and was 0.044sec behind. His teammate, even with the best second sector of the entire course and his best record in the third and final sector.
An incident between Kevin Magnussen and Yuki Tsunoda will be investigated at the end of the hearing.
Until the end, the drivers and teams took the opportunity to get back into the racing simulation and times haven’t changed much.

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