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Giulia Cardoso, Ginvaldo’s neighbor, said she had good memories. “I have known him for 16 years, he is calm, does not mess with anyone’s life. He was polite and treated people well, really well, even too much.”

Pensioner Josefa Francesca dos Santos also maintained that he was a quiet man and a caring father. “I had nothing to say about him. I’m so sorry, for me he was close. I remember when he comes to his son and says: Come, son.”

The house where Ginvaldo used to live with his family in Umbauba – Photo: Liz Rocha/TV Sergipe

The reason for this disgraceful act angers his friend Gildo dos Santos. “We are devastated, terrified, aren’t we? For as it has happened to him, it can be to any of us, and what has happened to him is unjust, so what danger does a man make with his hands and feet tied?” , He said. He said.

Genivaldo retired due to schizophrenia. He lived with his wife, their son, and their stepson. “I lived with him for 17 years, he is 20 and he has a problem, he never attacked anyone, he did nothing wrong. I don’t know what to do in my life, we have a son who is 7 and I have an 18 who raised him. God was in Heaven and his son here.

Timeline: Man dies of suffocation from tear gas in car

Timeline: Man dies of suffocation from tear gas in car

See the timeline of events:

  • At about 11 a.m. on May 25, three road police officers approached Ginvaldo at kilometer 180 of BR-101, in Umbauba; According to a statement recorded in the police report, he was stopped by agents for not wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle;
  • Photos taken by the crowd show when customers asked him to put his hands on his head and spread his legs for the magazine;
  • The victim’s nephew, Alison de Jesus, says he warned the police that his uncle had mental disorders. Also according to him, agents found a card for a controlled drug in the pocket of his uncle, who had been undergoing treatment for schizophrenia for about 20 years. Also according to the family, Genivaldo retired due to this condition.
  • Wallison reported that Uncle got nervous and asked what he had done to be approached. In the operating room, the police say he kept moving his hand around his waist and pockets and did not obey their orders, therefore, they had to restrain him. According to the agents, the first resources were pepper spray and tear gas.
  • A video clip shows when a customer tries to immobilize Ginvaldo with his legs around his neck. He is tied to the ground with his hands tied and his legs tied.
  • After that, Genivaldo is placed in the trunk of the PRF, where the windows are closed. The police pour gas and close the cabin. Ginvaldo struggles, his feet sticking out of the luggage compartment, while the police press on the door.
  • In the police report, the police said the man fell ill with a “sudden illness” on his way to the police station and was taken to Jose Nelson Mora Hospital in the municipality, where he died around 1 pm.
  • The body was collected by the Medico-Legal Institute of Sergipe and arrived in Aracaju at 4:58 pm. A report from the agency states that Ginvaldo died of mechanical suffocation and acute respiratory failure.
  • At about 18:00, the Federal Highway Police spoke, and reported that they had opened an investigation procedure into the case, which is also being investigated by the Civil and Federal Police. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sergipe is also following up the investigations.
  • Ginvaldo’s body was buried in Umbaiba around 11 a.m. the next morning, May 26. He left a wife and an eight-year-old son.
  • In the late afternoon, the EPRDF reported that the agents involved had been turned away.

What does an expert say about work?

A paralyzed man approaches the police in Umbauba – Photo: App / TV Sergipe

The 2010 decree, regulating the use of police force, and the 2014 law, regulating the use of tools of less offensive capacity by public security officers, were not respected by agents of the Federal Highway Police in Sergipe during an approach that ended in the death of Ginvaldo de Jesus Santos, 38 general. This statement was made by the Executive Director of the Brazilian Forum for Public Security, Samira Bueno.

“The use of pepper spray as a tool with less offensive capability is common among police, usually to dispel crowds, but it should never be done indoors or for extended periods with a person. Its misuse can be lead to death.

According to Ministerial Order No. 4226 of 2010, The use of force by public security personnel must be guided by international documents to protect human rights and must Adherence to the principles of legality, necessity, proportionality, moderation, and benefit.

The document also identifies a file Qualification procedures for the use of each type of firearm or tool with less offensive powerWhich Includes technical, psychological and physical assessment and special training, with periodic review. No security professional should carry a lower offensive tool for which they are not suitably qualified.

In addition, the text states that recruitment and selection criteria for public security agents must take into account the psychological characteristics necessary to deal with stressful situations and the use of force and firearms.

According to the technical note issued by the Brazilian Public Security Forum, “The death of Ginvaldo Jesus Santos shocked Brazilian society with the level of its brutality. Exposing the institution’s unwillingness to ensure that its agents adhere to the procedures of the basic approaches that guide the work of the security forces in Brazil.”

Law 13060, which regulates the use of tools of lower offensive capacity by public security agents throughout the country, states in Article 3 that:Training courses for public security agents must include program content that enables them to use non-lethal tools“.

For specialist and member of the Public Security Forum, Rafael Alcabadin, there were abuses during the work of the police. “Putting a human in a closed environment and pouring gas into that environment. We consider this an unacceptable practice of torture and no police force in the world“, He said.

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