5G introduces the digital world into prehistoric times – 05/27/2022

Smart cities and factories, more devices connected in one network, self-driving cars, more productivity in the field and in industries. Everything, surely everything we know today will be greatly influenced by this new technology. 5G is present and will be disabled. Just to list some of these reasons: It allows you to connect more devices per square kilometer (square kilometer), is up to 100 times faster than 4G and should consume about 90% less power than devices, which means you’re connected to the internet for longer. Without the need to recharge the device.

For us, who work in the IT (Information Technology) industry, it would be revolutionary. If so far digital technologies have been more focused on the end consumer, for the first time we will see more interest in a side here: industrial automation, artificial intelligence, connected robotics and greater value creation in the production chain. The 5G network will have a direct impact on the generation of new business and the economic development of the country. Get ready for a startup blast with all kinds of solutions for the market.

A survey conducted by Instituto IT Mídia and conducted by IDC, the leading market intelligence company, indicated that by 2025, 5G will generate US$25.5 billion in B2B (business, business-to-business) in Brazil. This will move the entire industry chain while at the same time driving other sectors such as cybersecurity, robotics, public cloud services and big data. One of the main directions indicated by the research is the creation of private networks. From the simplest to the most complex solutions, companies will invest in their “5G,” and phone companies must also be prepared for this new demand.

This revolution has already begun in some parts of the world. Mercedes-Benz in Germany has built the world’s first car factory with its own 5G network. “Factory 56”, as it is called, is equipped with several internal small-cell antennas and a central hub. All production processes are connected by a high-performance wireless network.

Now, how do we transform this entire ecosystem into new opportunities and returns? The research points to a clear path already indicated by more mature 5G markets: collaboration. The major players will need to work together to unify experiences and take full advantage of all the benefits of this new technology. This interdependence must be off the grid, and also between operators, system integrators, equipment, sensors, and device manufacturers.

Pedro Haag is Director of Studies and Research at IT Mídia.

Reader’s word

The tomb does not need luxury, only the tomb of a good size (Cemitério da Pauliceia suffers from theft of bronze pieces). When a person is alive, he does not give anything to the “goat”, after his death he wants to give a grave filled with bronze, silver and gold items.
Roberto Silva
from Facebook

for the picture
Where was this? It must be in another world, because here, in São Caetano, it did not happen (military police operation arrests 14 criminals and recovers 20 vehicles). This is deception. Really come to São Caetano, do it for real and stop lying, what do you do to appear in the picture. In Rua Nazareth there are drug dealers and nothing, and the police do nothing! If you do, it will not appear in the photo.
Marcus Zakios
from Facebook

The political, economic and social weight of electing a federal representative is of paramount importance to any municipality seeking national belonging. But the Andreans did not seem to realize this yet, because for a long time our people could not elect a person committed to our city to this office, always giving preference to candidates who did little or nothing. In the upcoming elections, try to get to know the candidates of our city, get to know their personalities and actions with our people. A city that has the power to elect one to three federal representatives does not deserve to be at the mercy of outsiders.
Vanderlei A. Retondo
Saint Andrew

We have long been witnessing “nuclear proliferation” in the heart of America’s greatest city. Ice drying processes over time without any practical results. Is the problem serious and difficult to solve? Yes that’s right. To solve it once and for all, we can take two examples that succeeded in cities that went through the same process between two and three decades ago. Zurich, Switzerland, and Frankfurt, Germany. The recipe was: Compulsory hospitalization of drug addicts in places with adequate infrastructure and human resources, and allowing the police to patronize drug dealers. The formed authorities should roll up their sleeves and take measures that will liberate the population and merchants who regularly pay their taxes and have no sacred right to come and go. There is no shortage of money for this, the problem is that it is very poorly spent. Just look at all the money for elections, party funds and other things.
Morey Fonts
Saint Andrew

Theft and theft
SSP (Secretariat of Public Security, we will improve preventive and visible policing in the Beta Neves neighborhood, São Bernardo (Grande ABC recorded a rise in vehicle thefts and thefts).
Armando Savella
from Facebook

a challenge
Pilantra, according to one translation of the Aurélio dictionary, means a person of bad character, dishonest, Finório. On the nineteenth, during an ordinary session of the Council of Santo André, the Councilor and Regional Coordinator of the MBL, Marcio Colombo, took the position, and under the pretext of defending the indefensible, that is, the conduct of the former State Parliamentarian Arthur de Val, Mama Valle, calls Jair Bolsonaro, in a manner Quiet, laid back and quiet, “hustler”! I was amazed! None of the other twenty council members responded, defended, or questioned the blunt aggression. What did he mean by this? That more than 210 million inhabitants of our country are ruled by “crooks”? Who am I? As a citizen, I feel attacked by this little councilman, and I issue a challenge publicly: if he is completely convinced of the adjective, he must do two things: 1 – write to this diary, in this word of the reader, re-emphasizing the adjective. 2 – Go to the city registry office and record the content of your letter. Challenge launched!
Afonso Jose de Lima
Saint Andrew

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