5 dropouts from normal human life

It is a fact that it can be tiring to live a normal life where it is necessary to work and study and have other difficult daily obligations. Recently, the story of a Japanese man who decided to become a dog because he loved the animal sparked a curiosity and was very successful in the international news. Spent the equivalent of R$75,000 to buy a realistic Collie dog costume, it took 40 days to complete.

But his condition is not isolated, and the canine way of life is not the only option. From children to goats, there are people who choose to “take a break” from their traditional lifestyle to embark on another “identity”.

a UOL List some of the life transformations that proponents of these changes took seriously.

5 – cat

Cat Lyons is famous for her feline lifestyle - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram

Cat Lyons is famous for her feline lifestyle

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Kat Lyons, 33, said she’s always been a cat enthusiast and has come to see herself as one of them. Since high school, she’s been wearing animal-like ears and claims that the transformation process has been gradual.

Husband Ruprecht Berg, 54, was one fan of the idea, as their marriage was “reinforced” when she declared herself a cat — and went on to live like one, making animal habits part of her identity.

“Growing up, I had to pretend to be a normal person and not a cat lady, but now I have to be myself, express myself, climb things if I like, drink from a bowl, wear a leash and wear my ears.”, the American told the British newspaper Daily Star.

4 – goats

A man is tired of the hectic life and is taking a vacation like a goat - clone / BBC - clone / BBC

Thomas Thwaites is tired of the hustle and bustle of life and decides to take a vacation like a goat

Photo: Playback / BBC

In 2015, graphic designer Thomas Thwaites got tired of hectic life and decided to climb the Swiss Alps to live like a goat for a few days. The Briton ordered special prosthetics for his hands and feet, including to undergo neurological changes, causing temporary brain damage and impairing his ability to speak.

At the time, he claimed he did it to take a “humanity leave”. “I was very disappointed and a little depressed by the complexities of human life and all the efforts we put in to make money,” he said.

“So I asked myself: Isn’t it cool to be an animal for a while? What I wanted was to take a leave of absence from humanity”—and he did.

3 – Stranger

Anthony Loveredo, a body modification genius, after surgery to remove his nose - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Anthony Loveredo is an expert in body modification after nose removal surgery

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Frenchman Anthony Loufredo, 32, removed part of his nose in 2020 to continue the project called The Alien Black Project, trying to look as he imagined an alien. At the time, he described the experiment as “18% complete.” Since 2014, he has made body modifications.

Since this type of surgery is banned in France, he had to go to Barcelona, ​​Spain, for the procedure with Oscar Marquez, a local professional. “It’s like a dream,” he said. “I’m living that dream.” “Now I can walk with my head held high, thank you (Oscar Marquez). I’m proud of what we did together.”

2 – the child

Paigey Miller is encouraged by money and family to continue living as a baby - play / social media - play / social media

Paigey Miller is encouraged by money and family to continue living as a baby

Photo: reproduction / social networks

In 2018, 27-year-old Paigey Miller decided to adopt a slightly more childlike lifestyle by earning 230 pounds (about 1,400 R$ at the current price) to create online content for ABDL (a community of adults and diaper lovers) daily.

In an interview with the British tabloid, she said that the people around her were not surprised by her new way of life. “I’ve always collected games and had a younger sense of humor, so all my friends and family were very receptive,” he said.

She also says that she receives support from her family. “I’m engaged to someone I’ve been with for five years. He doesn’t have that lifestyle, but he supports it.”

1 – children

Rose takes care of adult children in Thailand - procreation / location:

Rose takes care of adult children in Thailand

Photo: Reproduction / Website: “adultbabyholidayursery”

in BangkokIn Thailand, nanny Rose saw an undiscovered niche: caring for adults who wanted to be children again. in your SiteShe said she started reading stories about her and ended up following how she did it. My boss lived with my mom and it was my job to supervise him.”

She also mentioned that the work also includes actions that go beyond basic care and into the field of education itself. “Every adult child needs a special mother who understands what a unique little child needs. Every adult child needs personal pats, rules, and structures.”

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