Will Atletico sell more players in 2022? Football Manager Responds

Rodrigo Caetano expects the cast to gain new roles
Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Rodrigo Caetano expects the team to get new parts without losing more players

One of Atlético’s main goals in the 2022 season was to maintain the base of the champion Brazilian team. Until then, all went well, with the only holders sold being defender Junior Alonso, who ended up returning on loan. However, Alfinegro lost several players from last year’s winning team. And the fans’ fear of new players leaving the club in the upcoming transfer period.

This season, Gallo has already signed defender Junior Alonso, midfielder Dylan and striker Savarino. The young Serbian striker has also already been sold and will be announced in the coming months by City Group.

In addition, the club left the club: Alan Franco, Nathan and Heoran, on loan, Diego Costa, whose contract was terminated, and Titch Chu, who did not renew his loan.

He predicted director of football, Rodrigo Caetano, would not negotiate with more athletes this year. “I hope you don’t need to. But, if you need to, we’ll have to do it. It depends on a number of factors. I don’t want to get into here, because it’s not on my part either, issues with the club’s fixed assets, otherwise the club is still Need the revenue,” he said, while participating in the podcast. Supersports interviewcompleted.

“In my view, we have made big sales, but we want to sell at a higher price. Sometimes we are questioned, but the proposal you have is good, not the one you dream of. I would like to sell three players for 30 million euros, you don’t need to sell seven.”

In total, Atltico earned approximately R$78 million from sales of Junior Alonso (about R$47 million), Savarino (about R$12.4 million) and Dylan (about R$18.7 million).

According to Rodrigo Caetano, expect to keep the cast. But he believes that the irrefutable proposal could change the course of the talks.

“We passed through the January window without losing players considered starters. For us, that’s a cause for celebration. The only thing we sold, we went and came back. Let’s wait, I would very much like not to be attacked by the problem of the window that opens on the 18th. To enter. Moves in Europe and in countries Others now, starting in June, and we will have an idea. It will depend a lot on what level of proposal we will have and for which player,” he completed.

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