Widower, Father and Grandfather: The Story of an 85-Year-Old Priest Who Married His Grandson in Porto Alegre

The paths of Father Paulo Muller, 85, were traced, with the intention of God, the religious guarantee. This is because, before the Persians, he served in the army, was married and had four children. He lived 33 years ago, and for this condition authorized by the Vatican To resume the studies necessary for his ordination.

Recently, a priest was in charge of celebrating the religious wedding of a grandson. The celebration was held in Porto AlegreMay 14 will go down in family history for two reasons (Read more below).

Before the priesthood came marriage and family

– It was a childhood wish, I thought it nice to see Mass. I tried at 9, 14, and 19, but at the time I wasn’t supported. I had to choose something in life and I chose my girlfriend, the mother of my children – he says.

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His companion, Lisette, appeared in Müller’s life in a bakery in Novo Hamburg, in the Valle de Sinos, his hometown. Young, who was released from military service, says he is sure of the future union right away.

– I asked: What is your name? She said: Lizette. I replied, “Donna Lisette, you will be the mother of my children.” This caused an uproar. I wasn’t her prince charming, I was covered in flour – he recalls and laughs.

Their wedding took place on May 16, 1959, “afternoon, blessed by rain,” he explained, with an enviable memory. I erected in the cathedral of São Luis Gonzaga, in the center of the city – by chance or fate, the same basilica in which the elderly man is currently located, as vicar, a kind of assistant in masses and confessions.

The wife died of a heart attack after 29 years with her husband. Three days after the burial, he searched for the diocese and suggested dedicating himself to the church.

Proximity to the community in the area, with whom he maintained constant contact, was essential to the decision by both sides: Mueller would return to the wish of a child and was authorized by Pope John Paul II to enter seminary after the abrupt end. from marriage.

– She was meant to be in my life and then Heavenly Father would bring her back. They are God’s ways – defines.

“Exclusive job”

Ordained on June 2, 1995. Next Thursday (2) a prayer in honor of this date will be held in the beautiful Catholic temple, which is decorated with frescoes and an altar of paintings remembering Christ and angels in heaven.

The fact that the priest has a family in addition to believers is seen with a sense of humor.

– It’s not common, is it? I’m exclusive – says religious.

Confession is one of the main functions of the vicar in the church, who says he feels the benefit of experiencing everything he has already gone through.

– When the wife comes to me with a problem, this problem is also with the husband. So call him here. He adds, if she doesn’t come, I’ll chase her.

Double dose of passion

Five grandchildren were born out of the four children. Someone got married on May 14 in the church of Santa Teresina, good ending, in Porto Alegre. Chemical engineer nderson Martins Müller, 31, had a relationship with Dr. Rafaela Pilla Muccillo Müller, 30, who was blessed by his grandfather.

The groom says that the ceremony was planned in 2019 and due to the pandemic he suffered from delays which increased the expectation of both parties. Grandfather was the first to receive the invitation with the new date and an additional request.

– With the invitation, our request was to be responsible for the union. After marrying Rafa, this must have been the toughest decision I’ve ever made – compared to an engineer.

Photographer Fernando Lacerda’s photographs show the ceremony, with the groom in blue, the bride in the traditional white dress and veil, and the priest in light yellow robes. In the photo with the already anointed couple, in front of the dessert table, the priest is dressed in the same everyday clothes in the treasury and the cross is on his chest.

– Your Mila, as we call him here, spoke to us a few days before the ceremony, and told us about his wedding and what he wanted for us. It was such a lovely conversation, we were all touched that day – admits the bride.

With the usual good mood, the priest slips and becomes emotional when he remembers the wedding. He jokes that this is a sign that he is still going strong.

– For me it was awesome. The water even ran into my eyes, an indication that the well had not dried up. I asked them (the bride and groom) if they liked it. They didn’t grumble – the clever priest amused once more.

Listen to Father Paulo Müller’s interview on Gaúcha Hoje on Rádio Gaúcha:

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