Who is the man who was killed by PRF

Ginvaldo de Jesus Santos, 38, is described as a friendly and cheerful man loved by the people of Umbauba, where he was born, on the south coast of Sergipe. Retired due to mental issues, married for 17 years and father of a 7-year-old, the black man ended up strangling in a police car, turned into a makeshift gas chamber by the FHP last Wednesday (25). Pictures recorded with a cell phone camera recorded the event.

“He was very well known in the city, he was engaged in selling lottery tickets. He spoke and greeted everyone, he was always very polite, he asked: ‘Do you want to buy a lottery ticket?’ “Buy it or not, he’d appreciate it,” says Alison Filismino, blogger at Umbipba and an acquaintance of the victim.

Ginvaldo has no convictions, and has not responded to court proceedings. He retired early due to the schizophrenia he had been treating for two decades. According to Alison, turmoil never prevented him from being a happy and peaceful person. And he reveals: “I played with everyone, and unfortunately this case happened, which surprised everyone.”

Genivaldo was a dear person in town, says his cousin and friend - personal archive - personal archive

Ginvaldo was a dear person in town, says nephew and friend

Photo: personal archive

The case shocked the city of Umbauba, which has a population of about 26,000. Yesterday (26) was a day of chaos, which began with a demonstration that in the morning gathered hundreds. In the intact car, Ginvaldo’s acquaintances expressed their dissatisfaction with police brutality.

“He was a very dear person in town,” says the victim’s nephew, Alson de Jesus, who watched Ginvaldo’s entire approach by PRF on Wednesday.

According to eyewitnesses, he was approached during an attack on the BR-101 highway, when he was riding a motorcycle. The photos show three agents who launched themselves at him and tried to immobilize him after finding a medicine box. In another video, genvaldo He appears to raise his arms in order to cooperate. However, you can hear the policemen shouting and insulting genvaldo. Then the man appeared in the trunk of the car and the smoke that had suffocated him came out of the car.

family without income

genvaldo He was a good father and husband and loved being with the family, says his nephew. “He was a calm, helpful person who never put up a fight and never mistreated anyone,” he says. He says the emotion everyone had for him spurred popular expressions of disapproval.

still according to WalsonGinvaldo took a controlled drug for his schizophrenia, but he also treated heart problems. “He was retired, and it was his income that supported the house, tomorrow [hoje] Let’s meet up to see how we can help [esposa e filho dele]’, she says.

Widow Maria Fabiana dos Santos, in an interview with Folha after the funeral, confirmed that she did not know how she would support the house now. “In addition to living in a nightmare, we are now not sure how to support ourselves. It was my husband’s money that provided for the house and this ensured a quality education for our son,” said Fabiana, who is now seeking help from the public defender’s office.

She said the police “acted cruelly to kill” when she gave an interview to TV Sergipe, Globo’s affiliate in the state. “I don’t even call it a death, it was a crime,” he said. “I lived with him for 17 years, he had his problem for 20 years, he never attacked anyone, he never did anything wrong, he always did things right, and in a moment like this they took him and did what they did.”

Ginvaldo’s body was buried yesterday in the city cemetery, with great fanfare, with applause and shouts for justice.

Genivaldo's funeral gathered a lot of people this Thursday in Umbaúba - personal archive - personal archive

Ginvaldo’s funeral gathered a lot of people on Thursday in Umbaoba

Photo: personal archive

“Here in town, no matter who you ask, they’ll tell you who he is, they’ll say he’s a good guy, and everyone liked him. So much so that the demonstration was a success,” he says.


The MPF (Federal Public Ministry) in Sergipe gave 48 hours for the PRF (Federal Highway Police) to provide details on the internal procedure investigating the approach. He also informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office that he had asked the Federal Police (Federal Police) to open an investigation to investigate the behavior of clients. The information obtained initially was also requested from the Umbaiba Civilian Police Station.

In a note, the Palestinian Police stated that an investigation had already been opened and that they were already working on the case. The EPRDF removed the police officers involved in the operation from the streets and opened an internal procedure to investigate their behavior.

According to the report of the Institute of Legal Medicine in Sergipe IML, the cause of death was mechanical asphyxiation, that is, when air exits preventing it from reaching the lungs. Police said the gas used was tear gas.

Retired, Genivaldo was placed in

After his retirement, Genivaldo was placed in the “gas chamber” by the PRF in Sergipe

Photo: reproduction

PRF says it was fatal

In a statement, Sergipe PRF said that during a police action carried out, Genivaldo “actively resisted an approach by the PRF team” – which is contradicted by the photos, which show him being immobilized by the police. The company stated that because of its “aggressiveness”, “installation techniques and tools with less offensive potential were used to contain it and the individual was transferred to the city’s civilian police station.”

However, PRF does not explain what these technologies and tools will be. Also, according to the official note, during the trip to the police station, “those who approached them fell ill and were immediately rescued at Jose Nelson Mora Hospital, where he was subsequently treated and his death confirmed.”

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