Volunteers and organizations promote pet coats campaigns in Nova Friburgo

Winter only comes on the 22nd of next month, but the cold days have been increasingly harsh in the cities of Rio’s Serrana region. Mobilization to help the homeless has increased in Nova Friburgo and Trisopolis, particularly in recent weeks, as evidenced by the reportage From Multiplix portal.

However, weak animals are also helpless in this period, and contrary to what many people think, exposure to cold can have serious consequences for the health of pets.

Improving the cause, some foundations and volunteers mobilize themselves to collect donations of clothes, blankets, blankets and even new or used homes for animals in need.

Entrepreneur Sergio Soares is one such person. He has a pet shop in Besando, in Friborgo, and for the second year in a row he’s been promoting a campaign to collect these items and allocate them to shelters, community dogs, and animals for people in financial hardship.

We know the suffering caused by cold, and that there are many people who need help at the moment, but, on the other hand, we cannot forget the suffering of strays. In our daily life, we see this reality quite often. Unfortunately, we cannot welcome all those who are abandoned, but if everyone does their part, we can form a chain and alleviate the suffering of the pets.

Volunteers gather to collect blankets and clothes to warm animals in needVolunteers gather to collect blankets and clothes to keep animals in need | Photo: Sergio Soares/Personal Archive

Another volunteer, known in town for her commitment to the animal cause, Christina Pacheco, is also mobilizing to get blankets and clothes to keep her animals warm. She got the support of businessmen and has several collection points in the center.

Today I have over 400 animals, including dogs and cats, at a shelter. The abandonment is massive, the number of animals arriving is increasing and donations are very few. Most of them are old and suffer a lot. So any help is always welcome.

The Undersecretary of Animal Welfare (Ssubea) also collected fights for these animals.

Donations also help make clothes so pets don’t get cold. Distribution of materials will start in the first week of June.

Donating matches will turn into clothes, which will be donated by Ssubea starting in JuneDonation of matches will turn into clothes donated by Ssubea from June | Photo: Disclosure / PMNF

What do vets say about the effect of cold on animals?

It’s a myth to say that dogs and cats don’t need warmth during the winter, says vet Camila Gervasio, of Nova Friburgo. According to her, just like humans, they also feel cold when temperatures drop, because they are not able to adapt to it.

In this way, keeping them warm is of paramount importance for generating comfort and well-being and avoiding illnesses, such as colds, flu, and pain, in cases of animals that may have problems with bones and joints, such as the elderly.

In some cases, these animals can also suffer from hypothermia leading to death, depending on what level the temperature reaches.

Puppies and the elderly suffer the most from a cold.Puppies and the elderly suffer the most from the cold Image: Disclosure / Social Media

Another veterinarian from Freiburg, Daisy Businger, says that in these cases, clothing and blankets play an important role in the survival of these animals, especially those with short coats, which feel the most when the weather cools down.

It also warns of a change in the behavior of these animals, which, in addition to being more collected and calm, often begin to look for warmer places to shelter.

It is very common for some dogs and cats in particular to hide under cars because they are warmer places when the engine is off. This often happens with stray animals, which see this condition as a shelter. Therefore, more attention in this period to vehicle owners.

How do you submit your contribution?

  • Hot Dog Campaign: Donations can be made at the Pet Farma store, on Rua Padre Roberto Sabóia de Medeiros, No. 40, in the Paissandu neighborhood. The place is open from Monday to Saturday during business hours.

  • Cristina Pacheco campaign: donations can be made at the newsstand, in front of the old forum, from 3 pm, in the Mania de Bicho store, in the center, in the Parada dos Bichos store, in Conselheiro Paulino, and also through the personal services phone of the protector (22 ) 99966-6487.

  • Donation Campaign for Battles of Ssubea: Donations can be made at the proxy headquarters, which is located in the old Leopoldina bus station, next to the town hall. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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