Vitor Pereira sees Corinthians decline and asks for coolness against Boca – 05/27/2022

Vitor Pereira admitted on Friday that football in Corinthians in the last rounds had been missing out. Despite a series of eight matches that did not witness defeats, there were four consecutive draws, the last of which was an embarrassment against Always Reddy (1-1), for the Libertadores Cup, Thursday. The Portuguese coach admitted the team’s downfall, but emphasized that the team had produced enough to crush the Bolivians. He finished second in the bracket and Boca Juniors will be in the round of 16 by decision in Argentina. Ignoring the feeling of fear, he asks about the focus and calm mind of the knockout stage and realizes that it will be impossible to carry on with 11 pregnant due to the tight schedule. The rotation will be preserved.

“We can’t be afraid of competitors. Boca Juniors fell, come on, we’re Corinthians and we’re going to work,” he said, about putting the Argentines in front of him again. “We have to face reality and go fight. It’s time to try to do our best and try to get past the liquidation,” he stressed.

He asked, “Who can guarantee that against an easier team, the team will not be eliminated? And who can guarantee that he will not be more focused against a strong team? Whatever.” “We know it’s hard there because of the environment that’s been created, it’s not easy, there’s this peculiarity of the fans who play with the atmosphere of the game, they are experts (in provocation). With the opponent, we have to control that. We can’t lose the emotional balance there again. “.

The coach only regrets the difficult sequence involved in the round of 16 games. The classic Corinthians plays with Santos before facing Boca Juniors, then faces Fluminense, and returns with the Argentines and Flamengo is already ahead.

“We have to be ready, but the match (the Libertadores tour) is coming in a terrible sequence. But what worries me at the moment is that we’ve lost Paulinho for so long, we have Cassio, Joao Victor, Wagner and now Joe injured. The main concern is to look inside the group, so we are as strong as we can be.” Possible and only then will I be able to say if we are ready Rule again (4-3-3-).

In the Portuguese’s assessment, the initially posted 4-3-3, with the tags under pressure, needed a replacement. He fired 3-4-3, even used in the classics against São Paulo, realizing that the pieces were starting to not pay off as expected, like Renato Agosto, according to him with falling into the guilt of changing position.

“I admit we started well with 4-3-3, in a short time to determine the system we wanted. But soon we were in trouble, often the strong pressure was easily overcome. The team was not effective and we thought: OK, we have to find a replacement. to fight back in the game,” he explained. It was changed and he admitted it was a wrong shot.

“I came to the conclusion that the rotation made us fall into the quality of the game. I could only tell after I tried it. The team did not play at the level I would like, and sometimes the results are better than the performance, but I needed to respond to this problem,” he said. He assessed the fall of Renato Augusto. “Renato was on the left, with dynamics with full-back and with William or another winger, which made him more influential. He played where he felt most comfortable. Because we wanted to respond to the defensive system, we moved him to the right not to be side by side. Together with the steering wheel. This 3-4-3 change, it hurts him. We fixed a new problem and I will try to tweak the functions and see what the players will give us.”

Once again accused of not using 11 starting players, the coach defended himself and said that this would only be possible in matches once a week, not every three days. This way, you’ll keep the cast spinning. Whoever faces America on Sunday will likely rest against Atlético-Go, in the middle of the week, for both Brazilian teams.

“I arrived and they are able to select the strongest 11 and play with the strongest team, to replace one or the other. But I quickly realized that this is not possible on such a calendar, it is not possible,” he said. “A lot of times we want to do a lot, but sometimes we don’t and that’s a symptom of fatigue. We have a team that wants to work and gives results. Fatigue.”

About the match with America, who survived and the starting lineup should be used only in the second half. “On Sunday, we want to win again, but it’s absolutely impossible with the same team. Imagine using the strongest (against Always Ready) and with America back with them, how competitive is it? At first I thought it was possible and after Sao Paulo realized we didn’t have that chance. “.

Enough disagreements!

Vitor Pereira has decided to end the feud with Roger Geddes and does not want to talk about the striker anymore. In his opinion, this is already turning into a soap opera. “He didn’t come in because of the crowd’s request, because I couldn’t even hear where I was,” he joked. “But I’m going to try to get this over with, I’m not much of a TV series and this is the country of the series. Truth doesn’t sell, just controversy. I want to say that to Roger and to any player, Duilio (Monteiro Alves, boss) asked to be equal and demanding with everyone. My nicknames have been based. To demand, to commit, to work to the limit, to give everything, to be our best, non-negotiable things. So, they must go to training and do everything to improve and give body and soul.”

The coach reveals that he has already made accusations against the striker three times and is now convinced only by appearing on the pitch. “I want to see him fight to be the best and he clearly says he wants to help, that doesn’t go with words, because I’ve had one conversation, two, three conversation… I see no change. I only believe in actions. Son says: Dad, I will study, I will do it.” And I don’t see any change, I don’t see results, there will come a time when I don’t talk more. I’m always charged. I talk about him and everyone else,” he said.

And he didn’t mind seeing his hundred commandos. “I am also often offended, which is why I made this unfortunate statement from Liverpool. But I saw Roger different and I hope he gives in to the case, has commitment and is at the best level. The least we can do is be at our best.”

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