Transfero, BHub and Logcomex announce job opportunities related to technology, finance and other areas

With a total capitalization of around $650 billion in 2021 worldwide according to a survey by analytics platform Crunchbase, startups may not repeat the amount of venture capital funding in 2022, given some recent analyzes suggesting they tend to be affected by a $1 trillion loss. Which has already hit the publicly traded tech giants listed on Nasdaq. On the other hand, technological development is a one-way street and many projects are in full swing, which keeps opening many vacancies, directly or indirectly related to technology.


Transfero, the issuer of BRZ (Brazilian digital currency), the major stablecoin pegged to real currency, has announced job openings in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with operations focused in Brazil, and a hybrid operation in Switzerland, Transfero headquarters.. Solutions Company announced Blockchain Technology-Based International Finance, on its official Linkedin page, announced a vacancy for Compensation and Performance Analyst and listed it under the responsibilities of the person holding the position: Executing employee transfer requests, ensuring compliance with compensation policies. , internal balance and market practices; Preparing studies on structural change, analyzing organizational and personnel influences; Assist in designing architecture for functionality; Ensure that the ranges, salary scales and remuneration models are updated according to market research, in order to maintain our competitiveness with the market and in line with the corporate strategy;. Support the short term variable compensation process, suggest models, suggestions for improvements, implementation, monitoring and monthly/annual closing; Carry out projects/studies on forms of recognition/succession/potential; Support the communication plan for projects linked to the rewards area (PLR/Bonus, Projects, Actions) in order to ensure access and knowledge of staff; Support in the performance appraisal process.

In terms of requirements, Transfero has asked for full higher education in areas related to the role, solid experience in rewards and an advanced level in Excel, as well as differentials: fluent English level, major or postgraduate, experience in SAP systems and knowledge in labor relations. The company also announced the following benefits: Flexible Card (meal vouchers, transportation, etc.); Support mental health through our benefits with Zenklub; Support physical health with our benefits with Totalpass; quarterly bonus policy; Work and share daily knowledge with the market reference team. In terms of hybrid jobs, the company is looking for a Customer Service Assistant and an Administrative Assistant.


Brazilian start-up BHub Subscription Management (GPA), which aims to provide financial, accounting and legal support services, among others, has a vacancy for a tax analyst according to what appears on the company’s page. The company has listed as the main responsibilities of the person holding the position: Performing bookkeeping, calculating taxes and preparing municipal, state and federal subordination obligations, for Simples Nacional and projected profits and actual profits for clients with service delivery operations and business; analysis of deductibles from utility bills, including calculation of taxes on services received from abroad; Contribute to the development of operations inherent in the region; review and / or correction of financial parameters in the domain system in order to automate actions; Participate in meetings with clients to answer technical questions and provide financial closure.

As for the requirements, the Bhub is looking for someone who has worked in accounting offices or tax departments for at least three years; They have good knowledge in all accounting systems; Preferably has experience in commercial and service operations and has excellent knowledge of the domain system. In case of distinctions, candidates who have worked on startups, have experience with tools (Gestta, Jettax, E-Auditor, Pipefy, Trello) and in the build process (writing, implementing, measuring and reviewing) benefit. Company identified as benefits: food/meal vouchers (Flash Card); home office help (flash card); treatment plan; life insurance; Transfer voucher (2% discount); childcare help on a holiday in the month of Christmas; Jim Bass. BHub has also announced job openings for Accounting Analyst, Financial Accounting Specialist (focusing on Accounting Diagnostics) and Financial Operations Assistant.


Automation and Big Data Logcomex has more than 20 centers open for different regions, according to what appears on the company’s page, they are: a full-fledged internal communications analyst; Customer Success Analyst Data Analyst (Growth Marketing); Senior Media Performance Analyst (Internationalization); Operations Analyst Sales Empowerment Analyst Sales Operations Analyst Executive Assistant; Data Production Manager Senior Backend Developer Full/Senior Data Engineer; Senior Front End Software Engineer; sales outlet; Head of the new business. LDR (Lead Development Representative); product design leader; product marketing manager; Product Operator Sales Development Representative (SDR); special drawing rights for people with disabilities; Teaching Leader Teaching Leader (Data).

Latin America’s largest company, Mercado Livery, has also announced 14,000 new jobs opening in 2022, with nearly 4,000 opportunities earmarked for Brazil, according to Cointelegraph Brasil.

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