The Sao Paulo government opens 25,000 vacancies in technology courses

Christian Gresina and Natalie Vans Bitoni
São Paulo, SP, and Curitiba, PR (continued)
– With an unemployment rate of 12.3% in the first quarter, higher than the national average of 11.1%, the state of São Paulo is looking for solutions to employ the job-seeking population. Through a partnership, the state government is offering 25,000 places in free courses in the areas of technology and innovation.

There are four courses – HTML Web Developer, NET Fundamentals, Java Developer and Java Script Game Developer – with registration already open. Classes are online and, eventually, a certificate is issued. The courses are for residents of the state of São Paulo, educated and at least 16 years old.

Applications can be submitted on the website until August 30 or while there are vacancies.
The free opportunities are the result of a partnership with the company Digital Innovation One, and according to the Minister of Economic Development of the State of São Paulo, Zina Latif, they aim to train people from São Paulo for a sector that suffers from a shortage of qualified professionals.

We are interested in providing training that increases employment and income opportunities for citizens. “Brazil has a labor shortage in the IT sector, and these 25,000 vacancies can help meet the demand,” says Latif.

Data from Brasscom (the association of information and communication technology and digital technology companies) indicates that by 2025, Brazil could face an annual shortfall of 159,000 professionals in software and IT services. In addition, the demand for such professionals can reach 800 thousand.

The government has invested in partnerships in an effort to solve the unemployment problem in the state of São Paulo. And in the Employment Task Force, convened by the trade union, the Secretariat was present to deliver sessions. In all, more than 1,600 people were registered in Via Rápido and Bolsa Empreendedor during the 16th collective effort.
How to register
1 – Go to
2 – At the end of the page, when you scroll down the bar, you will find the 4 tournaments under the heading “Partners’ tournaments”
3 – Click on each one, where you can check more information; To register, go to “Register”
4 – The page of DIO, which is a partner company in providing courses, will be opened. On this page you can also see more information; Go to “Register” again at the top to fill out the form
5 – After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation link in your email. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam or spam folder.
6 – By clicking on the link in the email, you will be able to access the DIO platform. Click “Register Now”
7 – Fill in the information requested by the system
8 – Click “Start Now”

About the courses
The courses are completely online and offer a certificate at the end. Those who complete training may be hired by DIO partners, depending on the availability of vacant positions.

HTML web developer
– Where to apply:
Duration: 27 hours
– Student will learn to develop websites from scratch by copying already known platforms (Netflix, Instagram, Tik Tok)
The training teaches how to master the initial concepts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, create hands-on projects, as well as participate in challenges

.NET Basics
– Place of submission:
Duration: 120 hours
The student will learn about development in the back-end.NET language, creating hands-on projects and participating in code challenges

java developer
– Where to apply:
Duration: 120 hours
The student will learn to develop Java, create hands-on projects, and participate in code challenges

javascript game developer
– Where to apply:
Duration: 120 hours
– The student will study developing popular games (eg Jogo da Cobrinha, Dinosaur sem Internet, Space Shooter), creating hands-on projects and participating in code challenges

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