The role of women in the sector is the theme of the Hotelaria Mineira meeting

Straight from Poso Alegre (MG) – After lunch break, twenty-first Mining Hospitality Meeting – Sul de Minas edition, has resumed its programming in the event space for Marquis Plaza Hotelwith a talk given by consultant and hospitality specialist, Martin Van Slues, with hotel entrepreneur and vice president of ABIH-MG, Rosanna Ferraz, on the topic “The Role of Women in the Hotel Industry”.

Marcos Valerio, creator of the Hotelaria Mineira meeting, introduced the two guests, showing a video with a message from Erica Drummond, former Minister of Tourism of Minas Gerais and former head of the Belo Horizonte Convention and Visitors Bureau, who gave a brief opinion on the topic and congratulated him on the initiative of the meeting. Then he gave the floor to the guests. Martin began the conversation with a brief analysis of the mission of Encontro da Hotelaria Mineira and its importance for the part in Minas Gerais. Next, Martin Van Slues asked Rosanna to detail her itinerary at Hotel Ferraz, a reference in accommodation at the Pouso Alegre destination.

Rosana Ferraz thanked Ferraz for the opportunity, and praised the holding of the Hutaria Mineira meeting in Pouso Alegre, saying, “I can say that this is the first time I have been on stage to tell this story. The hotel industry in this region needed an event like this.” We have been here for more than 28 years, with Hotel Zé Maria, in the neighborhood of São Geraldo.We are also celebrating 15 years since the establishment of Hotel Ferraz, located in the center of Pouso Alegre.Our path is family, we are in three brothers, my father started the whole story, first with a room A sleep, then two, and today we have three projects in operation. We work as if we open our door to receive him. As my father always said, “A guest needs to smell the clean bedding and fresh coffee and come back to feel welcome and comfortable.” It is a pleasure to come and watch the process and talk with The maids. In fact, it is they who give me a process thermometer, listening to the staff is very important, so we find out what the guest craves and habits during his stay.”

The role of women in the sector is the theme of the Hotelaria Mineira meeting

Hospitality consultant and expert Martin Van Slues

Martin emphasized the importance of governance and cautioned: “You have to pay attention to governance, like any other department of a hotel. Maids are real databases of a process and they know what needs improvement. Family hotels face a dilemma in Brazil. Many people think that chains are the champions of the hotel industry. And this is not true. Today 65% ​​of hotels in the country are family owned. The issue that needs to be addressed in this context is succession, which is not easy at all.” Succession to the management of the hotel was Martin’s next question to Rosanna.


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According to the businesswoman, “We came with a change, of course, we modernized the Ferraz hotel, and today I have my daughter working with me and she gives me many good ideas, such as including the restaurant in the Hotel Ferraz operation. My father delegated tasks to his sons, there are things that change and there are things that do not. We do it this way and everything works, my father gets up at five in the morning to accompany the breakfast service at the Zé Maria Hotel. We respect and accept his ideas and today I am a hotelier because of him, and I am very proud of him.”

The role of women in the sector is the theme of the Hotelaria Mineira meeting

Rosana Ferraz, at the Hotelaria Minera meeting: “Best practices must be repeated”

Attention to detail

For Van Sluys, the feminine gaze brings additional perception to work. “Even in moments of debate or harmony, one thing is true: Guests value family interaction, they like to feel among people who love hospitality and pass it on from father to child. Few countries in the world have as many family hotels as Brazil. Abroad, I’ve noticed a much stricter hotel industry, and this isn’t about network policies or standards. Service and reception here are face to face, it’s presence, it’s conversation. We’ve learned a lot from the pandemic from distance, but manual handling is essential.”


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Rosanna noted: “My brother had a different way of working and the team felt the difference. I think it’s the touch, the shape of each one. Guests also often arrive asking about my dad. On that day, a guest told me that the receptionist told him the entire history of the hotel, the history of our family. He made me This is making sure we are doing the right thing, instilling the essence of our service in our staff.I have worked hard, accepting not what we were as a small hotel, but as a reference equivalent to what you find in other parts of the world.This is the hotel’s setting,ideas,vision and I can serve the table well Better, and I can make my guest feel at home. I learned a lot in the process, and am always present. I drive a bunch of hotels here in Pouso Alegre, spent the night in hotels, figuring out what they sell, I even sleep in my hotel, to see what it feels like My guest. I accompany all the laundry, I do not want the guest to sleep in a place where I do not sleep. I have done an awareness work, from the union between the lodgings of Pouso Alegre.”

The CEO concluded: “Today, if a new hotel arrives here, I invite the General Manager for a coffee, to meet and exchange ideas. Indeed, many guests at Encontro da Hotelaria Mineira have given me feedback that I consider very valuable and will share, if it is for the benefit of our hotel industry. This is what is important.”

Hotel Magazine is the official media for the Hotelaria Mineira meeting and the reporting team has stayed in Ferraz Hotel

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