The platform offers free technical courses

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IBM, one of the world’s largest technology companies, offers free technology courses through its digital platform. These are opportunities for students who want to prepare for the job market.

IBM’s digital learning platform is called IBM SkillsBuild. Since its launch, it has been committed to developing technical skills that the current job market values ​​so much.

The virtual environment is available in several languages, including Portuguese. The IT company aims to contribute to the training of 30,000 people by 2030, supported by 170 institutions.

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IBM Free and Online Courses: What are the Options?

Through the IBM SkillsBuild Student Method, introductory courses in technology and methodology are offered. Young people enrolled in high school can participate.

The platform contains learning paths divided into technical skills, business skills and horizon expansion. In addition, the educational material consists of explanatory texts, video lessons, e-books and practical exercises.

After completing the IBM course, the student can be issued a digital certificate that is recognized in the 21st century labor market.

The platform is also interesting for teachers, after all, in each course there is a section with exclusive content for use in the classroom, such as documents and exercises.

IBM offers the following free technology courses:

Artificial intelligence

Participants will have the opportunity to understand what artificial intelligence is and the practical application of this technology. In addition, they will be encouraged to create a chatbot. Hours: 5 hours.

Cyber ​​Security Basics

Information security is a hot topic in the job market, after all, companies want to prevent cyber attacks. The course introduces a topic that explains how to prevent, detect and resolve security issues. In addition, there is a module that only talks about a job in cybersecurity. Opening hours: 8:30 am.


Through this course, you can get basics about cryptocurrencies and understand how to use blockchain technology to improve data security. Opening hours: 4:30 am.

cloud computing

The mini course provides basic information about cloud computing and makes it easier to understand the technology. Hours: 1h30.

data science

Data science is present in our daily lives, as is broadcast television. It simplifies the technical cycle and introduces techniques for managing, sharing, and working with data. Hours: 4h14

Quantitative Statistics

This technology is present in supercomputers, with the goal of solving complex problems. Its resources are useful in many areas such as medicine and finance.

Emerging Technologies

This course introduces the basic concepts and methods of applying emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber ​​Security, Data and Analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


To start studying, it is necessary to access the platform and register. The login is via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Fundação Bradesco. It is also necessary to confirm the commitment requirement and choose one of the available learning paths.

When a student completes the formative stages, he/she receives digital badges recognizing the skills acquired.

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