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On the right bank of the São Francisco River, Juazeiro has natural and historical beauty and is famous for being the birthplace of artists, among them singer Ivete Sangalo, who celebrates her fiftieth birthday on Friday (27), with a huge parade on the edge of the municipality.

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During the week, Yvette reviewed the points recorded in her historical connection to the city, and fans who decided to visit the place did not want to miss any of the attractions of the “capital of São Francisco”, as Juazeiro is also known. Yvette’s neighborhood, her father’s statue, and the singer’s favorite restaurant were meeting points for Yvette fans.

Goat meat is the dish most requested by Ivete Sangalo in a restaurant in Juazeiro – Photo: Valma Silva / g1

The restaurant, for example, is a small, simple establishment located under the bridge on Avenida Santos Dumont, in downtown Juazeiro. Goat meat is one of her favorite dishes and a much sought-after dish by the artist.

“Yvette can no longer come because of the fame and the fans,” says restaurant manager Fabricio Melhor Franco. “But when she comes to the area, she orders our goats. And we take them wherever they are.”

In this week’s residency, the artist ordered 6 kg of meat. Fabricio also says that lamb, another typical dish in the region, is also among the most requested dishes in the restaurant.

“A city girl, doesn’t she? She doesn’t stop eating this stuff. She loves it so much and always with good fat,” the manager jokes.

By mentioning the unmissable dish during visits to Juazeiro, she ended up having her fans who now never fail to check out the delicacy when they go to town.

This week, with the expectation of the artist’s show, traffic in the restaurant increased by 30%, compared to normal days. Even the musicians from her band were there and approved the cymbals.

For Fabricio, the presence of Ivete in the city is a reason for great joy not only for the masses, but also for the local trade.

“The chain of hotels is full and the restaurants are full, so the city is very crowded and that is good for the economy,” he says.

On the banks of the São Francisco River, in the middle of the city, you can watch the salute to the illustrious daughter of Jozeiro everywhere. The billboards were posted by fans and the walls gained graffiti with the image of Ivete Sangalo.

In addition to Juazeiro’s favorite Ivete, fans make pilgrimages through the city to learn about the places the artist traveled to when she lived in the municipality of North Bahia.

On Almirante Tamandaré Street, in the Country Clube neighborhood, where she lived until she moved to Salvador with her family, residents noticed more movement.

“I haven’t seen all these people here, no. Yvette was born and raised here, and everyone knows it, but not many people have come to see this area. It becomes strange for people who don’t have that habit.” A trader says she preferred not to reveal herself.

In the neighborhood there is a monument honoring the father of singer Alsus Sangalo. He is best known for promoting nightlife with the neighborhood and his wife, Maria Yvette.

Adults fondly remember their former neighbors, and say that Yvette’s talent comes from her parents. Alsus played guitar while Maria Ivete sang.

The São Francisco River crosses the once almost rural neighborhood, and in this stretch Yvette bathed when she was young. At the moment, the piece is not suitable for anyone considering referring to themselves.

Those wishing to encounter the huge waters of Filo Chico need to go to other stretches, such as Ilha do Fogo, located under the bridge connecting Juazeiro to Petrolina, in Pernambuco.

It is also possible to visit other islands in the São Francisco Valley, such as Rodeadouro and Massangano, and take boat trips that end with beautiful sunsets.

Hosting and moving the economy

Ivete fans at a hotel reception in Juazeiro – Photo: Valma Silva / g1

Ivete Sangalo’s fiftieth anniversary special, which takes place on Friday, is already gathering thousands of fans. It receives public hotels and hostels from all over the country and even from abroad.

Tourists from Uruguay and Paraguay are just in town to watch the show up close, which will be broadcast across Brazil by Rede Globo (after the soap opera Pantanal) and the Multishow channel.

From Salvador, several flights departed towards the north of the state. One of these groups of fans gathered too early to wait for a transfer towards Jwazeiro.

The city’s commerce and service sector has been heated up by the landscape. The accommodation family occupancy rate has reached 100%. When the offer was confirmed, the vacancies in the 62 apartments available at the Grande Hotel Juazeiro immediately ran out. The management even expanded the number of beds in the rooms, and the total number increased from 120 to 150.

Due to the additional demand, it was also necessary to increase the number of employees. 10 temporary vacancies have opened for waiters and kitchen professionals, according to Enagara.

At another city hotel, the Rapport, 90% of vacancies were filled by workers who worked in preparation for the event, according to officials.

The group went by truck to Juazeiro – Photo: TV Bahia

Ivete Sangalo will celebrate her 50th birthday on Globo screen – Photo: TV Globo

On Friday, Yvette will celebrate her 50th birthday with a show in Jozero, the artist’s hometown. On the banks of São Francisco, a huge display and transmission structure has been set up, with a team of about 400 professionals, among whom is the director of the Rede Globo nucleus, Boninho.

The stage on which Ivete will perform is 40 meters wide and 14 meters high. The 215 square meter LED panel will give the audience the look that also gives the artist’s new tour its name.

The event, which is free and part of the “Tudo Colorful” tour, will be broadcast on TV Globo and Multishow. With nearly 30 years in business and recorded over 300 songs, Ivete Sangalo is one of the greatest singers in the country’s history.

Ivete in numbers – Photo: g1

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