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But before we get into the discussion about the next stage encounters, the beloved knockout, let’s first turn to the highlights of this week in the recent rounds of the Libertadores and Black Americana groups.

By the way, we invite you to listen to the brave La Pelota (No Se Mancha), a podcast from home specializing in football and South American culture, to laugh and be amazed at our guesses about how he painted the main inter-club competitions in our country.our continent.

Details: Of the six Argentines who entered the group stage, they all qualified for the Round of 16. Surprisingly some cases of Cologne, and perhaps, if you want to consider Surprising (not here) Talleris, too.

GoodLet’s get down to business:

The Palmeiras machine set a new record with 25 goals and became the team with the best attack in the history of the Libertadores. If the set was easy (and it was), Palmeiras did not disappoint in any match and also had the best campaign overall.

But for any team to stack such goals, another team needs to receive them. In this weak case Independiente Petrolero. In the two matches he played against the Bolivians, Verdau scored 13 goals. No more than half of the record. Independiente has arrived with the stamp of a Bolivian champion, but don’t be fooled: we make it clear that this club has boarded Halley’s Comet. He rose from runner-up to number one, and in his first year in the Elite saw the title fall into his lap after a disappointing finish from the strongest.

Glad it was Emelec. I knew Palmeiras would shoot and the second wave was going very well (even with slow football – and for the reasons explained above – a 7-0 win over Independiente Petrolero is a smokescreen).

We talked, and it wasn’t a little, about this Libertad. One of the teams, if not a title contender, is of course at least a good painter. It was tight, on goal difference, but not surprisingly winning the set and playing Atlético-PR in pot two. On the other hand, Hurricane Felipão without a mustache needs a pun rethink.

Estudiantes had a great campaign in a well-balanced group. The defeat received in the last round (4 to 0 for Vélez) is a bit misleading, as Zelinski avoided the starting lineup and left several people in trouble for it. a Pincharata It comes with a team without great individual features (a few should be traded in this pass-through market in Argentina: Manuel Castro and Nogueira sure, perhaps also Zuqui, Díaz and Del Prette), but with the usual obscurity.

Who complained about Estudiantes reserve team? First the fans themselves, who did not like the way the club closed the group stage. And then the fans of Nacional. Ranked, Estudiantes hasn’t played for anything other than a better position among the first. Velez, Nacional and Bragantino fought with a machete in the dark. And Velez gave Sarsfield. Hence, the meme.

By the way, the Velez gang celebrated the fall of Bragantino. In the first leg match between the two teams, in Bragança, the Brazilians chanted and sang “Elimination” of the Argentines. This explains, in one way or another, the joy of the interim Vélez coach at the post-match press conference, which is already ranked. Who will take charge of the team in the round of 16? Well, it’s the same: Alexandre Kacek Medina.

We warn you! It was Tulima the whole time. Yes, Gallo would have won the set, but the Colombians were the biggest opponents and not Del Valle.

Of course, no one imagined that the vacancy would come in the last round. Tolima, the Colombian champion, needed a win over Atlético MG in Mineiro, for that to happen. I passed. It wasn’t the highlight of Lokumi’s goal, no. It was, and still is, the title of Michael Rangel, who opened the scoring against the Brazilian Super Champion: EL ROMPECORAZONES.

Understand: in 2015, an ex-girlfriend of Rangel, on a social network, argued with the woman with whom he was in a relationship at that time. All through 140 notorious personalities at the time. Years later, knowing the story, the Colombian narrator Eduardo Luis issued: “Here comes MICHAEL EL ROMPECORAZONES Rangel.” The title was pretty good and obviously stuck.

The bets were Boca Juniors and Corinthians. Or Corinthians and Boca Juniors. The order does not matter. The two giants were safe bets. However, no one imagined that the two rankings would come only in the last round and the way it happened. But for those who continue to disdain Boca Juniors, of Argentine football, maintaining the rhetoric that they are poor and not even Xeneize fear anymore, well, they ranked first. The Corinthians, who had the chance to escape from the second bet, ended up in a sleepy draw with Always Reddy in Itaqueira.

When Cali made the starting game and then lost his place in the final rounds, the gang remembered the tie, when the players celebrated their fall to the Boca and Corinthians group.

On the night of starring absurd Julian Alvarez – he scored an outrageous goal in River Plate’s number eight game at Alianza Lima – it was clear that the Argentine jewel, already built for Guardiola’s city, was the man of the match. This and anything else is possible. That’s why the club’s question on social media was so obvious that it hurt the eyes:

Few people thought about it, especially the River players, but on the other side there was a competitor. Alianza Lima is still convinced of its annex: there are already 29 games in a row without winning the Libertadores. All that and counting! On his social network profile, the Peruvian giant succumbed in real time when he was still three to zero, and days later, he still erased everything. As if the game never existed.

But what generated the most tenderness was Pablo Lavanderia’s goal, scoring a penalty in the 88th minute, and sprinting for the ball to the bottom of River’s goal in a sort of “let’s flip this thing guys over”. At that moment it was eight to one (2:00 o’clock in the video below).

But the real advantage, really, was Fortaleza. In his first participation in the Libertadores, he advanced to the round of 16. We said it would be a singles match with Colo Colo for the second wave of the group. He lost in the capital Ceará, but went to look for the loss in the Chilean capital. shivering! Congratulations, Lyon.

Colon’s ranking in first place is, above all, surprising. This was the group of death. But the one who died first was Penarol, a real disappointment. He was even out of the Copa Sudamericana because in the Paraguayan classics in the last round, the only possible outcome they would both “favor” was a slim victory for Olympia as a visitor…well, it happened.

Cerro fans were so upset with the way the rankings were done, losing at home to the usual opponent, that they responded in this way to the club’s message celebrating the spot in the Round of 16:

Logic or so. Given the events of recent editions, i.e. Airport Syndrome that Universidad Católica suffers from every time you step on an international flight, the Chilean team was definitely not an option. Talleres was rightfully worth it and will accompany the Flamengo on the classifieds bandwagon.

And the most wonderful thing is that the people of Cordoba Son wave is very good. They welcomed the Brazilians, they welcomed the Peruvians and when they visited the Chileans, with whom the Argentines compete, they still left. suits. The victory on the other side of the Cordillera was worth it. Oh, and for those who like it … there is also a Portuguese coach: Pedro Caixinha, who should be nicknamed cashew.

South America Summary

Lanús’ group A ranking is correct, but the truth is that more was expected from Barcelona de Guayaquil. It is also not possible to rule out the difficult moment the club is going through due to the various problems off the pitch for Byron Castillo, who shed tears when he asked to be substituted in a match in the Ecuadorean championship.

The eradication of the race is sudden and almost inexplicable. The team that played the best football in the Argentine championship (defeated by Boca Junior, the champion, on penalties, in the semi-finals), managed to invent the defeat of Uruguay River Plate in the middle of a cylinder. Melgar, who had nothing to do with him, beat Cuiaba and secured a place in the round of 16.

Santos passed, but he passed by a sweeper. Thanks to the goal difference, a Goleto Only, and the difference was the penalty kick in the 88th minute that Universidad Cattolica turned and took the dessert from the mouth of Union La Calera. And then it rained Santos thanking you for the little goal…

Sao Paulo has met expectations and period. It’s just that, that simple. A group of the weakest possible group. The highlight of this collection was the story of Jorge Wilstermann when he had to visit Chile and, due to several logistical errors, got stranded.

After a complicated start – and a change in technical leadership midway through the competition (the odd case of Kashik Medina, who has flown in from Inter and will take Velez in the last 16 from the Libertadores) – Colorado tops a quiet ranking. Guerna, who made it difficult for Inter in both games, said goodbye unbeaten. He still exudes chivalry when he congratulates Colorado on the vacancy.

You could say, yes, the Atlético-GO rating was a big and good surprise for a Brazilian team between the two international competitions. Because the Dragon was in a very complex group, with Defensa y Justicia and LDU. In the last round, he held a tie in Quito and brought back the spot. Great achievement! And then, former LDU fans missed it. From Uruguay, Pablo Repetto, now at Nacional. “At least I knew how to win this kind of game,” one wrote with the accompanying meme. There is only one truth: Technicians are hired by good people and fired by bad people.

The historical classification of Ciara to the next stage. It would even be, as it was VATICINATED, a one-on-one with Independiente to see who would take over the group position. Vozão stayed and took the place.

Who does not forget red And this relationship between Independiente and Santos, which is also unforgettable. Since that controversial elimination in offices at the Sudamericana 2028, one always remembers serving good greeting for the other…

Fluminense scored 10-1 at the Oriente Petrolero stadium in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and was knocked out. Huge disappointment, of course. The team that was armed with high hopes for the Libertadores, was even out of the second tier of continental competition. Unión is brave and brave, seeing his cousin (Colon) doing well in Liberta and not wanting to be left behind. Gustavo Monoa, the former Uruguay goalkeeper who made history at Nacional, puts his thoughts together in Santa Fe. It’s a good chance to recover, after not so good jobs in country.

So, check out this amazing goal from Uruguayan Jonatan Olvez in the 4-0 win over Junior Barranquilla in Colombia:

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