The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral [VÍDEOS]

Picking up twigs and twigs is common, but this dog seems to like bigger things.

The Tekel (also known as the Dachshund or, more commonly, as “sausage”) is making waves on the Internet. The reason is that he loves to pick twigs. It wouldn’t be any different if the branches weren’t much bigger than him.

The wand doesn’t seem big enough for Bosco, a Dachshund who lives in London (England) and has over ten thousand followers on his Facebook page. Dog games can be followed at @boscoandhisbigstick. It is also present on other social networks.

The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral

Bosco and a giant stick

Not counting the snout and tail, the Bosco is 30cm shorter than a school ruler (roughly the same height at the tail). But, to confirm the myth that dogs do not know their size, this brown dachshund’s favorite toy bears huge sticks and branches, much larger than it is.

He is very determined and always finds ways to move branches through the walkways of London gardens, as he walks with his family. As much as possible, he avoids pedestrians, benches and litter boxes and moves with the treasures he finds.

The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral

Speaking of treasures, one of the most accessed videos records the moment Bosco found a wooden sword – a children’s toy – and brandished a weapon with great courage, showing his teeth and looking like a medieval knight, which is very common in ancient England. .

However, this hedge knight seemed to realize that the whole thing was a joke. He advances valiantly with twigs and twigs along the way, but does not stop wagging his tail, always erect.

The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral

He walks along garden paths with bare teeth and strong jaws, holding his trophies. From a more arched bough, insisting on dragging himself along the trails, Bosco raised his head, to facilitate the tireless work of fending off the “tremendous dangers” of the branches to the people and other dogs that walked the field.

Bosco’s favorite place is Hampstead Park, a large green space covering 720 hectares. The terrain is quite uneven, but the Dachshund handles hills with strength and endurance. One of them is “amazing” with a height of 140 meters.


Although the Bosco is familiar with the fields of England, it is a breed that was developed in Germany. Although there are a number of colors and varieties—short and tall, soft and hard (wire), miniature and standard size—the most common Dachshunds are similar to the Bosco, which is a standard sized brown dog.

The German dog is a hunter. She has a very strong sense of smell, which allows her to identify prey from afar – this makes her very effective for sudden attacks. Of course, for small prey such as rodents.

The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral

Some illustrations found in Egyptian temples show dogs very similar to the Dachshund, dating back five thousand years. It became popular in Germany in the 16th century and was soon introduced to England.

elongated and short. Unlike most breeds, the main measurements of which are taken at the height of the withers, the physique of the Dachshund is assessed by the girth of the chest, which can reach 35 cm – even more than the length of the torso and more than the height.

The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral

These pups, Bosco explains, are very brave and fearless. Currently, they are mainly adopted as companion animals – no one thinks about hunting anymore, especially with Ron as a partner.

Dogs of the breed are playful, fun and very emotional, although they are jealous and possessive – they can even advance against some potential enemies, such as neighbors and friends (nothing won’t solve this training and a good dose of patience).

The dog picks up much larger twigs and becomes viral

The Dachshund, among the purebred dogs, is considered one of the longest-lived dogs. The average life expectancy is 14 years, but it is common for many of them to exceed 20 years. They are rustic and resistant animals, they do not like to be kept, but they do love cuddling.

The Dachshund’s size makes it an excellent companion for those who live in apartments or small homes. The short-haired varieties, most common in Brazil, make hygiene and cleaning tasks simpler. However, dogs of the breed shed a lot of hair.

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