The case for supporters: coma, facial paralysis, Christmas in the intensive care unit, and death on the last day of hearings | Minas Gerais

This Thursday (26th), eight people heard On the fourth and final day of hearings for The case of the supporter in court.

The first witness was Delegate for Flavio Henrique Grossiresponsible for the investigation at the time, said that the investigation began in Saturday shift at Barreiro District Police Station, in Belo Horizonte. At that time, they already had information about drunken and deceased victims.

  • Supporter’s case: vision loss, motor problems, and death reported on the third day of hearings
  • Packer case: In court hearing, victims reported vomiting, kidney failure and motor paralysis after drinking beer

Four days later, teams from the Institute of Medico-Legal (IML) in the capital She indicated that the bodies contained diethylene glycol. In the diligence of the victims’ homes, the common factor was the consumption of Bilarizontina beer.

On the first visit to the brewery, the police did not find diethylene, only monoethylene, which was the most commonly used. However, Diethylene glycol was later found during the analysis of the material.

During chemical tests it was noted that Tank B 10 was responsible for the contamination. The policeman highlighted the company’s omission, Because they did not stop selling beer immediately even after the contamination was identified.

The investigation indicated that Packer was Increase in sales and accelerated physical expansion processWhich would “cause chaos in the company in the period close to the time when the pollution occurred.”

The young man spent 44 days in a coma

The second witness was the mother of one of the victims. She said her son at the time was 23, in good health, was a university student, and was living in a dormitory in the Borettes neighborhood, in the western region of Belo Horizonte.

One week before Christmas 2019 He complains of neck pain and headache. On December 28, he traveled with his girlfriend to Rio de Janeiro, He was suffering from convulsions and was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

  • Packer: Justice receives a complaint against the partners and employees of the brewery, and 11 defendants have become
  • Supporters case: Prosecutor denounces beer partners for contamination with diethylene glycol

He was taken to a hospital in the capital, Minas Gerais, where he stayed 70 days in hospital, 44 of which are in a coma. Currently, he does Four dialysis sessions per weekHe had high blood pressure, and He is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

The third witness is a relative of another victim, who drank beer on November 30 and, three days later, began to feel ill. He had a seizure and his kidneys stopped. Live with a supplement.

The victim thought it was “fake news.”

The fourth witness was the daughter of one of the victims. She said that at Christmas 2019 sheSeveral bottles of Belorizontina were bought for sale. In January, the father noticed that the kidneys had stopped and, in search of a trusted doctor, asked the professional if he had taken bilarizontin.

The The victim told the doctor she thought it was “fake news” but agreed to undergo tests. After the contamination was discovered, he was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Center (ICU), He suffered from facial paralysis and even underwent daily dialysis.

Today he no longer needs it, but he needs to follow a strict diet because of the still existing kidney problems.

The fifth victim was the victim’s partner, a few hours after the beer, the symptoms already appeared. He is currently living with sequelae such as facial paralysis and impaired vision, hearing and movement.

The victim’s partner was the sixth witness. She said it was bought Three cans of beer on December 20. The drink was being consumed at a barbecue, the man felt nauseous, but without gravity and continued to consume the product on the other days.

At Christmas, he was already accepted into the CTI. On the eve of the end of the year, he told his family that he could not take it anymore and that he was going to die. The husband suffers from peripheral neuropathy, facial paralysis, and had to undergo a kidney transplant, which was donated by his partner.

The engineer’s wife was the seventh person to be heard. Her husband passed away in 2018 after that Drinking a beer in a bar in Belo Horizonte. He was 62 years old and doctors were unable to complete the diagnosis.

Died of an unknown cause on the death certificate.. And when the cases were registered in 2020, the woman went to the doctors and asked for tests to be done on the preserved part of her husband’s kidney. Tests confirmed diethylene glycol poisoning.

“My husband is rotting inside and out.”

The eighth witness was A’s wife Victim who died in 2019. She said her husband was taken to hospital with several Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

On the fourth day of his stay in the hospital He couldn’t close his eyes and had a cardiorespiratory arrest. He was revived and fell into a coma. He died 22 days after being hospitalized.

“My husband has rotted inside and out,” said the woman.

This stage of the case was completed on Thursday. No date yet Defense witness statements and there is no deadline for the trial of the accused.

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