The BMW iX combines high technology with high performance

The electric car combines technology and sophistication with the longest range in its class of 630 km

Sophistication, high technology and impressive performance come together in the BMW iX electric SUV. In the top-rated version, the xDrive 50, the combined power of the two engines is 523 hp and a total torque of 78 kg. Four-wheel drive with a distribution of 60% on the rear axle and 40% on the front axle ensures balance in short or long radius curves. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, in Sport mode, takes 4.6 seconds, which is surprising for an SUV weighing 2510 kg (620 kg battery alone). Most impressive: a real leap forward in overcoming inertia by putting your foot on the accelerator.

The brand’s typical front grille retains the classic double vertical grille, even without the post. The low waist and a modern design at the back balance the ensemble.

There is a small lever on the console that includes an intense regenerative braking mode. When selected, it is possible to slow down in most urban use cases without touching the brake pedal, as well as, of course, recharging the battery. Three meters of wheelbase provides plenty of legroom, especially for rear seat passengers. The front seats provide optimum lateral support and include speakers (there are 30 entirely inside).

High connectivity and independence

Huge 14.9 inch multimedia screen. Practically controls all functions. Includes voice commands and gestures to increase and decrease the volume. Interestingly, you can use one of the few buttons on the console to control the volume. There is a 500-liter trunk lid that is powered by electricity (VDA standard). Puncture repair included, but the iX is delivered with a spare tire inside a bag included in the price, not as attractive as all electric cars, at R$799,950.

The declared range of 630 km is above average thanks to the 111.5 kWh battery. I was attentive to verify this point. Between São Paulo (760 meters of height) and the Riviera de São Lourenço on the coast of São Paulo, the distance was 250 kilometers (round trip). Maximum regeneration is always on, battery is more than 90% charged, and a range of 550 km is indicated on the onboard computer. I ran at top speed on the highway between 80 and 120 km / h. I reached the destination with a range of 410 km, that is, the descent of the mountain helped to regenerate.

On the way back, climbed Serra do Mar to the same starting point, the final run was 225 km. Therefore, there was a clear difference between going down and going down. This always happens with electric cars. This is the exact opposite situation with regard to combustion engines, whose consumption is worse in traffic and better at constant speeds typical of highways.

high wheel

A seminar On safety and connectivity, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering (AEA), it highlighted two components in a more advanced stage of analysis and proposal to the National Traffic Department for phased adoption in light vehicles, starting with new projects. These are advanced emergency braking and lane departure warning systems. However, important items require a high scale of production to drive up costs to reach the final vehicle price, which continues to rise. The limited purchasing power of the Brazilian consumer must also be taken into account.

stronghold It expanded by 50% its team of engineers and specialists in the Center for Development and Technology in Bahia. There are 500 new employees in Kamakari and it now has 1,500 professionals. This is part of the manufacturer’s global search network, which aims to export patents, software and technologies.

Montana Arriving in 2023, it will receive remote software updates for the electronic architecture and applications of the new multimedia center built into the dashboard. Remote updates are already present on other Chevrolet products. It’s new to light trucks.

duster With a 1.3-liter turbo engine, only in the iconic top version, it gives another life to Renault SUV. In addition to 170 hp (E) / 162 hp (G), the torque of 27.5 kg / m at just 1,600 rpm is impressive on a daily basis and continues at that level until 3750 rpm. The engine is so resilient that it won’t even need an eight-gear CVT automatic transmission. 360-degree view cameras and blind spot detectors in the mirrors contrast with airbags only offered in terms of safety. Multimedia only provides cable connection, supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and the screen, despite its low position, has good resolution.

advice For those filling out the annual income tax adjustment return to the 31st, last year’s used cars were highly regarded as vehicle production incurred losses due to a shortage of components, especially semiconductors. Used cars valued at more than 35,000 BRL are subject to a 15% tax on the positive difference (if any) between the purchase and sale value. This is a rare case, because historically this difference has always been negative due to the natural devaluation of a coin when selling a used model.

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