Tech companies are betting on the Porto region

Puerto Maravilla–or rather, “Porto Maravalli,” a reference to Silicon Valley, in the United States–continues to grow. The start-up, technology and education hub of the Rio port area is about to take off, but the area is already receiving new “residents,” who are arriving, among other reasons, due to the benefit of lower taxes on services (ISS) for technology and innovation companies settling on the site.

– With the area of ​​the ISS reduced to 2% in the Porto Maravilla area, the search for space in the place is already intense (in the rest of the city, the ISS is 5%). Many companies in the technology sector have come to us to help them establish themselves in the region. Soon, existing panels will be taken over and new construction necessary to service the market – says Rodrigo Stallone, President of Invest.Rio, the agency for the promotion and attraction of investments for the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Among the new “residents” of Porto are technology-based companies or companies that provide services to this market. There are start-ups selling software and digital agencies to billionaire companies listed in the technical education market.

This movement shows that companies like to be close to each other, as there is a wealth of much-needed knowledge exchange in this sector. It will be an exponential movement we are already seeing in Porto Maravilla – Stallone highlights.

Softo, a software and systems developer, has been on site since February. CEO and founder of the company, Fabio Seixas, points out that with “Maravallley” there is an opportunity to create a culture different from what is found in the central or southern region of Rio.

Technology and innovation companies pay only 2% of ISS services in the Rio port area
Technology and innovation companies pay just 2% of the ISS in the Rio port area. Photo: Disclosure

– It’s an opportunity for this tribe to feel installed in the area, almost as building for this local culture. Besides, it is clear that the view of Guanabara Bay – resides the executive branch.

Stallone also highlights that the center’s biggest advantage is its “close proximity to other businesses and plenty of opportunity.”

We know that innovative zones are created in small radii, with a maximum of three kilometers. Whether you’re an investor, founder of a startup or a large corporation, finding all the actors in the ecosystem in the same place makes it very easy to strike great deals – he argues.

Seixas says he welcomes all the movement.

“In the world of technology, even if you are going fast, you are slower than many people. We have the opportunity to create that center, and I don’t think we should miss it or put it off. The future of Porto lies in this possibility that is now beginning to be built with the movements we see. It is time. Now to hurry up – said Softo CEO.

The Maravallley Center represents a new chapter in the history of Porto, in the opinion of Hector Gusmão, CEO of Fábrica de Startups, which has been in operation since 2018 – the accelerator works through innovation programmes, ideas, post-acceleration, workshops and events with topics linked to the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

– When we built Fábrica, we chose Porto Maravilha because it is in line with our thesis to develop the innovation ecosystem in Rio de Janeiro in a region that, as in other parts of the world, has a high potential for real estates, With modernity and infrastructure, the vacancy is very high. It was a bet that being a broadcaster of innovation could attract others players to that area and thus make it an innovation area. We’re so happy to see things happen – he’s celebrating.

Until the public notice of hiring the company for the development of the core project and implementation and implementation of works for the adaptation of the shed that will house Maravallley was opened last Tuesday through the urban development company Porto District – CDURP.

Partnership with IMPA

More than just housing technology companies, Maravalli is well on its way to becoming an educational hub in the region. The site will acquire a new campus for the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Impa). The idea is that they offer an undergraduate course in mathematics and work in harmony with the startups that will be based there.

In the opinion of Marcello Viana, General Manager of the Foundation, the proposal to partner with the Maravalley Center meets many of Impa’s strategic goals.

– One of our strategic priorities is to approach the productive sector, in order to promote the training of high-level professionals for the industry and the transfer of sports technology to economic operations. The researcher says that bringing our graduation into an environment of innovation will contribute a lot to this sense.

Viana points out that mathematics has an increasingly transversal role in science and technology in the twenty-first century.

Perhaps it suffices to recall the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in our daily lives, which are all based on mathematical tools. Within the scope of the Maravallley Center for Innovation, the potential for such applications of mathematics in technology and industry is growing exponentially.

Maravallley will be the largest technology and education center in Latin America
Maravalley will be the largest technology and education center in Latin America Image: Disclosure

Resume after the epidemic

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Stallone recalls “the horror that no planning can foresee”.

The epidemic has disrupted every project. The interesting thing was to see how quickly businesses and commerce adapted to close and reopen as quickly as possible. Today, Porto has a lot of life. From Largo da Prainha to the Museum of Tomorrow, via the bus station, the area is back in full gas to establish itself as a thriving neighborhood in Rio – in celebration of Invest.Rio’s president.

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