See empathy to improve the union

Astros lovingly ask caution.  See the empathy that can help protect a relationship.

Astros lovingly ask caution. See the empathy that can help protect a relationship.

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Sextou well sent the news of the Moon, which begins to move in Taurus at 3:22 am, providing a calmer energy for the star. When rotating in reference to the Earth element, the Moon enhances the determined, wise and realistic aspect. It raises practical sense, patience and objectivity, characteristics that will be useful for focusing on work and taking care of everyday interests, especially the most preferred financial resources. The stars ask for caution, as Taurus Moon sensibilities will also be welcomed to confront and solve boring and boring problems.

And today’s beef isn’t hard because Venus forms a precise square with Pluto, warning about the ups and downs of relationships in general. This aspect stirs emotions a lot, makes reactions more intense and moods elevated, and is a sign that climate pie can happen with relatives, loved ones, colleagues, and even with friends. The stars are asking for caution! But the Moon is at the other end of the scale and serves to balance the stars, promoting tolerance and serenity. With calm in the soul and peace in the heart all is well.

Stars are asking for caution

But when it comes to relationships, it’s always a good idea to rely on the help of faith to protect love from any act, isn’t it? That’s why we’ve broken down some precious tips on rituals and spells that can help protect the strong bond between couples. paying off!

Love spells to protect the relationship

Eternal Love Rituals

Write the name of your loved one on a blue piece of paper and put it in a bowl of water and three tablespoons of honey. Bring the mixture to a boil and allow it to boil for a few moments. Pour the mixture into running water – it can be in the toilet. May the prayers of our father and peace be upon you, Mary. Wash bowl and return to normal use.

end of battles

On the first night of the waning moon, take a handful of rock salt and put it under your bed. The next morning, the Seven Salve-Rainhas pray, asking Santa Rita de Cássia to put an end to the strife among your guild. The next day, collect the salt and throw it in the trash outside your house.

Remove envy from married life

On days when the Astros ask for caution, in a convenient place in your house or apartment, draw a circle with chalk and place it inside three sunflower petals, three rose petals (pink), a paper of mine—no one can—and three coarse salt rocks, while saying: Get out of my way and my beloved’s life, you envy.” Then wrap the remnants of sympathy in a white cloth and throw everything in the trash, and imagine that you, along with this small package, send out all the bad energies.

Ritual to protect the relationship

If the relationship is complicated, light a green candle on a plate on Friday, while saying the following sentence out loud seven times in a row: “Love like ours must happen. It’s me for you and you for me. And we don’t see anyone else.” Together, together, together. We, we, we.” Then read Psalm 139. The remnants of the candle must be discarded and the saucer can be used normally after washing.

coordinate the relationship

You will need a pair of wedding rings of any material – not necessarily gold – 50 cm of blue, red and white ribbon, a white seven-day candle, a small white plate, seven white roses, a handful of fennel, a handful of ground cinnamon and a red velvet bag. On Friday, tie the rings with ribbons, put them on the plate, light the candle and, around it, put the roses, form a circle, sprinkle with herbs. After the candle burns out, keep the ribbon rings in the bag in a special place. Roses and herbs can be kept after drying in the couple’s bedroom.

More love in a relationship

Put seven flowers in a bowl of water and sugar. Every day, especially when the stars are asking for caution, for a week leave, under this vase, a small piece of paper with the name of your partner on it. With each leaf you lay down, the daisy should come out of the vase and pull out its petals, one by one, thinking about your love. When the ritual is finished, throw the leaves and flowers into the trash. Wash the vase and use it as usual.

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