Pablo Faris paraphrases “meaningless comments” on networks with the support of woman, Leticia Spiller: “I learn a lot from her” – Quem

Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram)

Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram)

Uruguayan guitarist, composer, street artist and music director Pablo Fares, 32, husband of actress Leticia Spiller, 48, made lemonade out of lemons. With 31,800 followers on Instagram, he has gained fame on the social network, but is starting to face the downside of exposure. “We expose ourselves to opinions of all kinds. It’s part of it! The artist must be prepared for that,” he argues, who often receives “illogical comments” from followers.

But the young man – who wears dreadlocks (a hair style characterized by a tangle of long and usually fluffy braids) – decided to redefine the negative reactions of some netizens with humor and positivity. Pablo has already received comments like: “For God’s sake! Not a horrible kid, right? Oh, these people have no limits! Imagine children, shame!”.

Then the artist created a series of episodes called ignorant comments, in which he refutes biased opinions unassertively. A follower who criticized him for his hair, for example, fell into the “cute” category. He recorded a video and answered her: “Thank you Olivia! You’re so kind! Thank you sincerely for taking an interest in our children (Laugh)! But it’s a shame that I make this kind of biased comments on the profiles of people I don’t even know on social media. But it’s like I said and I agree with you: “People without limits!” Thank you Olivia for your comment. Check back often!”

Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram)

Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram)

An invitation to meditate

Pablo’s idea is that netizens are “meaningless” thinking about his comments. “Through humor and disrespect, I am able to inform and invite people to think about certain topics. This thinking leads to a transformation, which happens first in thought, then in action. Well-meaning and with minimal prejudice,” he explains.

However, the artist believes that the person who is commenting is not necessarily someone who is freely spreading hate across the web. “Hate seems to be a strong word for the issue. Interaction on social networks is often quick and superficial. There are people who don’t even remember who wrote the commentary. Sometimes there is, yes, bias, but it is usually unconscious and comes from a lack of information or contact on the subject of that bias.” So it seems to me that the person is not to blame,” he says.

“Like my dreads, for example. Some comment on how dirty they are, but that’s because they don’t know that dreads wash out like normal hair. Would I hate the person for that? No. Would I be upset about that? No. I’m just explaining in a funny way how clean the dreads are.” .that’s exactly what I did in the video where I talk about my teeth,” he recalls.

A follower commented on Pablo’s profile: “Man, can’t you go to a dentist? Ask Leticia to pay you! What’s that! What awful teeth!”. The artist, once again, gave his humorous response to the netizen: “Katean, wow! But terrible? Why? I’m kidding. You’re an angel, dear! Your anxiety moves me, I just think it can take you to greater aspirations, such as: working for an NGO or With refugees, and not making random comments on the online profiles of people you don’t know. But since I brought up the topic, know that my teeth are great, my oral health is impeccable and I go to a dentist, yes, I will pay myself. Thank you. My teeth are not Only white and perfect, and aligned, because it’s the way teeth are. And not everyone feels the need to “whiten”, get braces. Have you seen Willem Dafoe’s teeth? Have you seen how long it took David Bowie to fix his teeth? Who am I compared to David Bowie? But now that I So worried and threw up the idea, why not pay my dentist? My PIX. You’re sorry, but now I need to brush my teeth, because I think I have breath. Bye!”

Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram)

Pablo Faris and Leticia Spiller (Image: clone/Instagram)

Partnership and Lesson

Another frequent comment on Pablo Network concerns his relationship with Leticia. “Leetitia is beautiful and so are her children. Now, this is her partner! For God’s sake! Mercy!” and “People in this world are going crazy. I think it’s the sun that burns neurons. It can’t! Look what a thing! And she still picks up a cat like that!” They are the kind of comments an artist receives about his marriage to an actress. Leticia also reveals [o que postam]! She’s a great artist, who’s used to show and exposure, and doesn’t take it personally. I learn a lot from her, ”the artist melts.

Pablo says followers loved his videos about ignorant comments. “There were people stopping me in the street to talk about it, congratulate me or give their opinion on the subject. I think it’s very positive, because it shows the reflection I talked about before,” he says, explaining that he knows nothing of the netizen who apologized after the videos. “Some were grateful for the learning, because it brought some kind of bias to them, but they didn’t understand,” he adds.

When asked if he ever thought about leaving the social network because of the haters, the artist guarantees that he never wanted to break up. “My art, my work, everyone who supports and accompanies me, everything is so much bigger. The rest, we transform and reorient for the better,” he says.

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