Meta Summit Latam: an event that highlights innovation and creativity with a focus on meta

The Goal finished yesterday (27) Meta Latam Summit: a series of events focusing on innovation, creativity, and the road to metaverse. The first face-to-face meeting was held in Pacubra – Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, in Ibirapuera Park, where many content creators gathered to visit some revitalization activities Goal. In addition to the guests Enjoyed pocket show by Gloria Grove (gloriagroove), Marina Sina (@amarinasena), Dennis DJ (dennisdj) and other artists.

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in a brief moment, Beatrice BottissiMarketing Director of Meta in Brazil, explained the reason for all this party and POPline Checked out the entire celebration up close! Throughout the entire programme, the event also included a series of experiences that promote creativity and innovation, such as stop reels (Spaces for recording reels with different settings, changes in sound, color patterns and lighting animations), among other activations.

series of meetings “Meta Summit Latam” Connect diverse audiences over multiple days in online and in-person events to talk about trends in video, augmented reality, diversity and inclusion, and how to embark on the journey that will lead us to the next evolution of the internet.

For Meta, the metaverse is a file “The next chapter in social technology and we are just beginning to develop.”. According to the company, There is huge potential for Latin America in trade, education, tourism and much more. The meeting aimed to expand this talk to the region.

Meta Summit Latam: The Impact of the Metaverse in Latin America

Economic Consulting Analysis group estimates That if today’s metaverse is adopted and advanced in a similar way to mobile technology in Latin America, it can contribute with the participation 5% of GDPor $320 billion by 2031.

Previews of this potential are already showing in the region’s economy. As Vice President of Metaverse at Metaverse, Vishal Shahshaded: “We were surprised to see that More than 100 million people in Latin America They use augmented reality effects every month, which reflects the vibrant community of creators based in Latin America, with thousands of them using Spark AR to develop effects for Instagram and Facebook.”

Meta-analytics for AR creators in Latin America
Meta-analytics for augmented reality creators in Latin America. Photo: Disclosure / Target

At the beginning of the week, meeting participants heard from some of Meta’s key leaders: Vice President of MetaversoVishal Shah. Vice President of New Product Experiments, Im ArchibongVice President of Diversity, Maxine Williams; and Regional Vice President for Latin America, Marine Lau. Other initiatives have brought together customers, hundreds of creators, and brands to talk about the next step in the evolution of social technology.

Highlights made at Meta Summit Latam:

Expanding 3D Avatars in Latin America

To give people more ways to express themselves, Meta has expanded the range 3D avatars for Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia, making the feature available throughout Latin America. In addition, the company will include in the coming weeks the ability to Create an Instagram avatar and share it on Facebook and Messenger.

The metaverse is an interconnected digital world that unites Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality or VR) and Augmented Reality, along with more familiar platforms like your mobile phone and computer. Posting avatars to our platforms is an initial step towards making the metaverse a reality.

“Not only does your culture have to be a presence in the metaverse, but a true representation of yourself. So, you need some way to express yourself and be present. Avatars are the key to enabling thisshe says Maxinevice president of diversity at Meta.

Meta Expands 3D Avatars in Latin America
Meta expands 3D avatars into Latin America. Photo: Disclosure / Target

According to Meta, users will be able to introduce themselves with their avatar in their Facebook profile picture, in comments, chats, stickers, stories and more.

“We hope that the new virtual avatar will allow you to be represented online in any way you want. There are many groups available for people to create their personal representation online. We are also including wheelchairs, cochlear implants and hearing aids in different colors.”, Says a dead statement.

Investing in Seed Startups in Latin America

The Trying out new meta productsor NPEwhich brings together a group of Meta entrepreneurs dedicated to testing new independent experiences, invites startups to seed Across Latin America to apply for Get the capital From the investment arm of Meta, the NPE Ignite.

NPE brings together a group of Meta entrepreneurs dedicated to independently testing new experiences
NPE brings together a group of Meta entrepreneurs dedicated to testing new independent experiences. Photo: Disclosure / Target

NPE is built with and for communities Historically underrepresented or neglected, is experimenting with new technologies so that they can one day be widely used in the world. In addition to creating new, independent products for these communities, NPE intends to support the global ecosystem by trying to do the same by investing in early-stage startups that share its mission.

“The true impact of technology on society has more to do with the people who make up it than with the technology itself. That is why it is so important that the people who build the metaverse represent the people who will use it.”she says Im ArchibongNPE chief.

Interested startups can find more information and apply by visiting the website.

The Augmented Reality Society of Latin America

To help drive talent acceleration and professionalization of the augmented reality community in the region, Meta works with the Organization of American States (OAS) To provide professional training and skills development for students, innovators and small business owners through Free online AR courses in Portuguese and Spanish.

Courses are divided into three levels of specialization to support emerging and established creators. The first two, training for beginners “Spark AR Quickstart” it’s the “Spark AR Basics” Intermediate level now available, advanced module “Spark AR Pro Course” It will be released on September 30, along with Certified Spark AR Creator, This will allow breeders across the region to apply for certification.

“metaverse is the biggest opportunity for companies and creators in Latin America since the Internet. It will help us feel like we are with someone else or somewhere else, and open up real opportunities for people and the entire ecosystem,” he says. Marine LauMeta’s regional vice president for Latin America.

Meta states that the community of Reality users and creators is growing every day in Latin America
According to a Meta survey, the community of creators of augmented reality users is growing every day in Latin America. Photo: Disclosure / Target

Meta also collaborates with educational partners such as Platzy In Latin and Central America, in Mexico. In total, across all programs, more than 13,000 training places for immersive augmented reality Created in the area in the last six months.

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