Lores participates in the launch of the primary candidates for state and federal deputy civil police officers Jurandi and Djacy – Conection Tocantins

PDT/TO President, Lorez Moreira, co-launched the primary candidates for federal and state deputy infantry positions, Gurandi and Jesse Almeida, respectively. The event took place in Palmas, at the headquarters of the Civic Police Union of Tocantins (Sinbol-Two), Thursday evening, 26.

In his speech, Lorez highlighted the importance of good policy practice and congratulated the candidates. “Through good policy we can change the fate of people and the landscape of places. Believing in this, I tell you we will have a lot of work to do in the future. We have a project to unite it, focusing on our main goal, which is to improve the lives of our people. With these candidates, the police class will be represented Civilian very well,” he said.

The primary candidate for state vice-presidency, Jorandi Almeida, said he has a great project for Tocantins, along with his brother, Djesse and the leader of this rally, Lorez Moreira. In addition, he reiterated that he would prioritize the struggle for the demands of his class.

Dejsi Almeida, the primary candidate for the post of federal deputy, reinforced his brother’s words. “This is a very important moment in our lives. We have fought for Parliament for many years, and now is the time. With Lorez Moreira at the helm, we have a great opportunity to grow, together with him, and to be able to work for the civilian police class and for all Tocantines “, He said.

The President of the State Confederation of Civilian Police Associations of Tocantins (Viabol), Priscilla Petar, thanked the first candidates and congratulated them on making their names available. In his speech, he also indicated his willingness to support Lorez on this journey towards building a coherent project, based on effective management, for the Tocantins.

The launch event was also attended by other representatives of civilian police category entities, such as Marcos Albernaz, President of the Police Officers Association of the State of Tocantins; President of the Tocantins Scribes Association, Valdia Souza; And the representative of public security in Tocantins, Fatma Holland. The president of the Association of 304 Residents of the North, Mario Pinto, also participated; President of the Union of Technical Nurses, Joao Batista; and PDT members of Tocantins, Gilmar Cavalcante and Raquel Albuquerque.

In the coming weeks, Lorez is preparing to launch new PDT-TO pre-candidates, boosting the party’s growth in the state.

Candidates History

DJI Almaida

Djacy was born in Nazareth/TO and raised in Miranorte/TO. He has lived in Palmas/TO since the 1990s and is married and the father of four. He is a civil servant in the position of Special Class Police Agent. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Faculdade Objetivo and a Postgraduate degree in Criminal Law. Code of Criminal Procedure ; a constitutional right; Inheritance law and family law.

Public security activist.

He is an athlete, president of the Associação Desportiva e Recreativa São José, Clube de Futebol de Palmas, which has already won many important titles.

Gorandi Almeida

Jurandi comes from a humble family, has six siblings and was raised in the countryside in the city of Miranorte. Married and father of two children. He was a civil servant for 29 years, in the position of a police officer. He has been living in Palmas since the 1990s and graduated in law from Faculdade Serra do Carmo (Fasec).

It provided services in several cities in Tocantins: Miranorte, Tocantina, Rio dos Boa, Colmía, Biome, Taguatinga and Palmas.

He was a member of the 1st Group of the Special Tactical Operations Group of the Civil Police of Tocantins. He worked in all police districts of the capital. He also worked in the police station to suppress theft and car robbery. in the environment department. He is currently stationed at the police station to combat electrical power theft.

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