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good morning. This is the headline news from the national written press, coming to newsstands on Friday, May 27, 2022.

per week pass:

– “Prominent contributor candidate defends further restrictions on press freedom”

– “Secrets of the Royal Treasure: A new Gouda Museum receives the Crown Jewels”.

– ‘Metadata: Lawyers want Tankus convictions overturned’

– “GDP is the eighth worst economy in Europe to recover from the crisis”

– “The Public Security Directorate elections… Behind the scenes of a failed leadership.”

– ‘Montenegro is sure of winning’

– “Moreira da Silva uses the Rio strategy”

Interview: ‘We must be ready to support Ukraine for a long time: NATO Secretary General’

– “Marcelo makes way for the new opposition leader”

– “Robrigues dos Santos à Gradiva” Planet Publisher “Robs”

– “Lisbon and Oeiras compete for the Joanna de Vasconcelos Museum”

– “The Prime Minister appoints the Director of Communications”

The country is on alert against the Covid virus.

– “Billionaires visit Champalimaud”

– “The Book Festival returns to Belem”

– ‘Kevin Spacey charged with abuse’

In the morning mail:

– “Security report reveals. Domestic violence drives crime”

Salary discrepancies. A manager earns 262 times more than his workers.

– “Benfica. Matic is closer to a comeback”

– ‘The lion guarantees Morita’

– “A fierce battle in Porto Sporting. Six suspects in the attacks on Mateus Reis”

– “Pickups. The Electric King hunts in Lisbon”

– “Orange fencing decides the future of the PSD”

– “The Public Prosecutor Convicted of a Severe Punishment for Benho”

– “OE approved today. Opposition attacks PS’s ‘absolute power'”

– “Capital traffic. Work stopped on Almirante Reis cycle path”

– “The Minister of Culture rips up an agreement with Bardo.”

– “Pandemic. Nursing homes have 193 active outbreaks of COVID-19.”

– “The government decides not to change the measures in place.”

– “All Good Guys” actor [Ray Liotta] At the age of 67 years old

In the public:

– “Interview with Paulina Chazyan: what does this woman say?”

– “It took Constitution judges two years to start the debate on metadata”

– “Mid-term: National Reading Plan commissioners resign”

– “Alvaro Vasconcelos: What does Putin fear most? A million people on the street”

– “Works of Art: The State ends the protocol with Berardo”

– “Inflation: Payroll and Pension Pressures 2023 OE”

In the Newspaper:

– “Tax up to €2 for tourists on the Douro River”

– “Festival of the North: Rock on back to the big parties”

– “Aximage poll of JN, DN and TSF: Nearly 40% believe the war will last more than a year”

– “Public Security Directorate: Presidential candidates generate indifference in the majority”

– “Metadata: The executive already has a proposal to override the lead”

– “Porto: Rui Moreira prefers Iberia over TAP”

Salaries: managers of the largest companies earn 32 times more than workers

In the News Diary:

– Antonio Nunes [presidente da Liga dos Bombeiros Portugueses]: “It is dangerous that there is only one firefighter to stand trial in the Pedrógão case. I regret that if the state is absent from the situation”

– “Poll: 40% believe the war will last more than a year.”

– “Rio Succession: The Portuguese do not prefer, but the voters of the PSD want Montenegro”

– “Diplomacy: Dr. Pedro’s heart in Brazil? Hermandad da Lapa imposes a ‘precondition'”

– “Report: Internal Security is the worst execution in five years.”

– “The return of the deficit: the war ended with a surplus in March.”

– “Violence and Defamation: The Accusations Between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard”

– “Lusophone Market: From Caipirinha to cachupa, Cascais makes your mouth water”

In the inevitable:

Ground fruit: do we know what to eat?

– The ‘state’ of the man’s ‘mother’

– “Ray Liotta, the villain we all loved”

– “OE 2022: Taxes on Crypto Assets Didn’t Get a ‘Green Light’ from Parliament”

– “Changes: The beginning of the end of the Almirante Reis bike path has arrived”

– “DGO: The budget deficit improves and stabilizes at 782 million by April”

– “Ukraine: The Kremlin announced the opening of the suspicious port of Mariupol and Kiev”

Giroud: A disturbing ending for Joao Almeida, infected with the Covid-19 virus.

per week young man:

– “Russiagate: The Public Prosecutor’s Office tries the Lisbon Chamber”

– “Luís Montenegro: I am concerned about people associated with the government and the Socialist Party”

– “Nono Afonso may be Shiga’s sixth advisor to resign”

Marcia: Unashamedly, I love every song I choose to edit.

– “The military guardianship of the Revolutionary Council ended 40 years ago.”

– “Experts point to communications failure in the new phase of the epidemic”

In the Business:

– “The auto sector lost 3.5 billion with Covid.”

– ’15 years have changed the basic business plan’

– “The weight gain of higher education during the pandemic”

– “Aeronautics: Skyline of ‘Earth’ in Alejo with a green array”

– “Culture: the state terminates its agreement with the Berardo Foundation”

– “Asset managers see a strategy to win the retail war”

– “Interview with Bruno Cardoso Reyes: The use of chemical weapons is a real danger”

In the Economic Magazine:

Oversight: Margarida Matos Rosa on CMVM ‘shortlist’

– “The Public Prosecutor will be able to appeal in cases of wrongful dismissal”

– “Ageas and the French giant to buy Grupo Lusíadas”

– “Training: CEGOS sets its sights on merging with the 3 largest companies in the training sector in Portugal”

– “Credit: companies set interest rates to protect themselves from the announced hike in interest rates by the European Central Bank.”

– “Banks: Novobenko receives 120 non-binding offers for the purchase of the headquarters in Lisbon”

Etc.: “Working for me is a lot of fun”: Vitor Silva Costa, Actor

In the the game:

– “Semedo will wait: the player has been informed that the purchase condition should not be activated by FC Porto”

– “Owner and Master: Sergio Conceicao celebrates five years in office today and the numbers are frightening”

– “Spain and Portugal 1-2: in the ‘socks’ with the row: the selection is enthusiastic with the luxurious second part of the European Under-17 Championship”

– “Sporting: Trincao cancels Matador: the efforts of the Barcelona winger sacrifice reinforcement”

– “Armored Morita for 45 Euros”

Benfica: Ristic is not here to play: the Serbian winger was full of confidence

– “Braga: Extremo Costanía signature until 2025”

Basketball: Porto discusses the title with Benfica

In the the ball:

– “Joao Mario wants to stay. Jesus’ interest does not excite him and he intends to convince Roger Schmidt”

– “FC Porto. The dragon is in danger of being intercepted”

– “I owe a lot to Conceicao, Eder Militao.”

– “Sporting. Purchase option for Trincao”

– “Cycling. Covid-19 takes Almeida out of the Giro”

– “Europe U-17. Portugal qualified for the semi-finals”

Nor register:

– “Champions speed Darwin. Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United face Uruguay”.

– “Sporting. Market for a goalkeeper”

– “Sporting. Morita official on his return from Japan”

– “FC Porto. Sergio Oliveira protects the hard core”

– “Europe U-17. Children in the semi-finals”

– “Cycling. Covid-19 takes Almeida out of the Giro”

– ‘SP Braga. Kostina marks until 2025’

– “Boavista. The situation is regulated in the league”

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