Instagram gets a new aesthetic update; See what has changed

a Instagram She won a new update last Monday (23), incorporating the brand’s aesthetics. The new platform directory with a dynamic format features new fonts and resources.

Instagram gets a new update;  See what has changed
Instagram gets a new update; See what has changed. (Photo: Freepik)

Most important is the original source of the social network Instagram Sans. But it doesn’t stop there. The timeline will appear in full screen mode, similar to TikTok.

Instagram gets a new line

As announced by the company, the purpose of the project targeting Instagram Sans was global reach. “We’ve partnered with language experts from around the world to adapt global fonts and scripts, including Arabic, Thai and Japanese,” announced.

The new source for Instagram It consists of a set of squares and circles for the application logo. Dysentery, as the company calls it. Instagram Sans consists of elements dating back to the 2010 version along with the contemporary 2013 update.

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It is available in three different formats, the first of which is Instagram Sans, which is a clean no-streak font. The second is Instagram Sans Condensed, the same one used in Stories through the location feature. Finally comes the Instagram Sans headline, with a curvy, iconic personality.

Instagram gets a new update;  See what has changed
Instagram gets a new update; See what has changed. (Photo: Disclosure/Instagram)

The new source for Instagram They will be provided for use in stories and reels. And, as mentioned above, this is not the only novelty. Since the social network is already showing, on some accounts, posts in the feed in full screen after several months of testing. The functionality will be released gradually until it reaches all users of the platform.

On the other hand, the social network has also undergone some design changes and has not aroused very positive reactions from the public. Such is the case with hidden stories, which have become a nuisance to content creators who rely on the tool for advertising purposes.

Understand the change in stories

Change in story display format from Instagram It is already noticeable at the top of the screen, precisely when viewing content posted by friends. Attributes representing the number of stories posted, are compressed to summarize only up to three items, regardless of the number of stories posted by that account.

For those who did not understand the “Show All” button mentioned above, it appears exactly at this moment. It must be activated by anyone who wants to view all hidden stories in this profile. Once the visualization is edited with the consent of the Internet user, other “hidden points” will be visible.

Conversely, those who don’t really care about the other stories can cause the creator to get frustrated, who may lose the content. The situation is detrimental to content creators, influencers and other public figures who live on social media posts.

It should be noted that this form of viewing Stories has already been used by Instagram for sponsored content, where the user must choose between continuing to see the ad generated by that brand or skipping the content. Therefore, the mechanism that was previously limited to business content, is now beginning to expand to include ordinary people.

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